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Seems like you should fit a 40"Why don't you just measure your chest size?I believe these fit true to sizeInch for inch.
I'm down for that Black Tie event. Except I only own a dark charcoal suit. Can I rock a black bow tie, black dress shoes and call it black tie?
I feel you on that broski.But I think the Streetwear side is winning so far.It's Vancouver, way too casual...
Just started a thread and linked back to this one in Streetwear:
Hey folks. Classic Menswear thread has organized a meet up.I wear more SW&D so I thought I'd post here:Note that the time has been adjusted to 5:30pm to better accommodate people's schedules.You can check out the original thread here:
I wouldn't call this organized.More accurately someone spoke up and just threw a date and time out.Then the rest of us realized this is real life and decided to weigh in
Should I invite the Streetwear and Denim gents also?
As long as you know who Spoopoker is, you'll fit right in.
^Good man, thanks for the info. I like the 3A. Would anyone recommend the Shawl Collar of the 6A as opposed to that?
Greg aka gdl, I think I'm in love...
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