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Yeah I only find Flannel Plaid Shirts at Value Village!
Lol, I guess.Where to find a good value tux I wonder?I posted on Streewear about this meetup.No replies or PM's so I assume it's a no go from that side.I'll PM people I've had dealings with locally.
Badass thanks for the heads up.That multi-colored one is ugs though.They've done it before, it looks horrible...
Sweet.Thanks, good to know!
So true.Especially if they work part-time and live at their parents.Damn, so much disposable income!
I really do want one. But I'm trying to save up.And if I'm being honest, I only wear a suit once every other month.
So that's a no?And do you mean to say it's better to wear "a" black four in hand?
Bump this for exposure.
Definitely OLIVE GREENIt's the one I have and it's incredible.
Seems like you should fit a 40"Why don't you just measure your chest size?I believe these fit true to sizeInch for inch.
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