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Bump again, it's happening.
Do they always ship UPS, worst carrier ever!
Is the marled versus solid colors worth the extra 30 pounds?
Hit me up for the next time! Let me know how the first one goes.
Yeah Sugarbutch you training for a marathon or something! I'll update the last month or so soon. Admittedly I have been slack due to rain (it is Vancouver.)
Yeah I only find Flannel Plaid Shirts at Value Village!
Lol, I guess.Where to find a good value tux I wonder?I posted on Streewear about this meetup.No replies or PM's so I assume it's a no go from that side.I'll PM people I've had dealings with locally.
Badass thanks for the heads up.That multi-colored one is ugs though.They've done it before, it looks horrible...
Sweet.Thanks, good to know!
So true.Especially if they work part-time and live at their parents.Damn, so much disposable income!
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