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Even the shoulders were a bit off, give me a weird T shaped fit.Just an ill-fitting coat.
Anyone try a shirt from there Thomas Mason fabrics? Opinions? I went to the Vancouver Pop-Up today. It's just a retail sales employee that measures you. I'm sure most people who buy clothes online would be able to measure just as well. It does help that someone else is the one taking the measurements though.
I would not get the Peacoat. It fit boxy in my size, Medium. Small was too small. Where to find a good wool winter coat?
Sorry gents, I jumped into a new job and honestly this meetup completely slipped my mind until now.
Agreed, don't pay full retail for the scarves.You can get them at a steep discount every season.
Toque is scratchy at first but becomes more comfortable as you wear it.Eventually it stretches to a nice size for your head.
Damn that's too bad, I wanted to order a few months from now.
I would say it's a safe assumption.I have an Inverallan hat that has stretched comfortably after some wear.
Bump again, it's happening.
Do they always ship UPS, worst carrier ever!
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