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Really a great price for a Panerai. Excellent watch one of my dream watches.
Can I add anything I've done this year? I have a nice chunk of miles from a few months back when I was training. Recorded on my RunKeeper.
It's USPS likely.It's shipped Turkey's postal service then transfers to the local postal service in your country.
It's getting way overpriced. Even on sale sometimes I don't bother. The old designer went to the Hudson Bay Company.
The hem is a looser fit. But I like it.The chest fits very well though.Overall it's a relaxed fit. But trust me, once you wear one- you will compare all other shirt materials to this.
Looking for some Amazon gift cards.
Sorry I meant to say "PILL" as in the little balls of fluff that form as clothes wear out.
I like Homespun, but not such a fan of the material.How does it hold up? It feels similar to Wings and Horns and my W+H Henleys started to pill pretty fast.
Any pics?
I've seen those.Not exactly in the $100 range though...
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