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Dude that is totally bad-ass, too bad I'm broke-ass.
They are proportionally small, but surprisingly it works.I am a Medium at 18" shoulders and the W+H shirts have always worked for me.I suggest you try them on somewhere if you can.
I don't think it's a good look. Probably layered like that for modeling purposes. It would be weird wearing it like that daily
Good stuff dude,You probably have the best fade pics in this thread.Overall what's your opinion of the Unbranded Denim quality?How do you compare to Naked Famous Denim?
Does the thickness / weight (oz.) of leather dictate the quality or durability of a shoe? Like the thicker the better? Or...?
Damn dude if these were my size! Very comfy shoes. Will last forever.
8909.4+ 101.4= 9010.8
Winter is coming. Cozy up with these. Once it gets cold, I'm likely to keep them!
Really a great price for a Panerai. Excellent watch one of my dream watches.
Can I add anything I've done this year? I have a nice chunk of miles from a few months back when I was training. Recorded on my RunKeeper.
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