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Chalky White is such a badass. Omar Little was more badass overall though
What is everyone's opinion of the Stutterheim Coats? I personally love mine! I have never gotten so many positive compliments on an article of clothing before. Especially from complete strangers off the street. The standard comment: "That's a sweet rain coat, where did you get that coat? Perfect for Raincouver weather!"
They will definitely stretch out.I measure a 38" chest tried on my friends size 38.After about 1 month of wear, it's a slim fit but not uncomfortably tight.I'm jelly though as I don't have a sweater myself.
^ Yeah I knew that. But I'm hoping for a Marled color. Plus it's about $50 more at END for solid plain colors.
Good idea.I'd take a 38 3A if anyone is selling.
Hey guys, I made some cuff-links for myself. Let me know if you wanted any also. I live in Chinatown. http://www.styleforum.net/t/368883/deep-blue-lapis-lazuli-high-grade-semi-precious-stone-cufflinks-double-sided-10mm-also-matte-black-onyx/0_100
Hi folks. On offer is Smooth Bead Lapis Lazuli 10 mm Double Sided Cuff-links. Sterling Silver hardware. Made by hand, by me! My cheap bar cuff-links broke so I decided to make my own and have a couple extra. These use high grade, high quality, expensive Lapis Lazuli stones that were hand-picked. I spent much time with the delicate construction of these cuff-links. Sterling Silver is soft and pliable but the small size is challenging. These would be much more expensive...
I think the Gray version is pretty alright. If you like colour blocked clothes.
Hilarious.I'm just going to email them every season to see if they are bringing it back.
Just a note I don't have many good suits, but I have many excellent quality pairs of pants. Indochino's fabric is not in the same league. It is just passable quality. Has no real sheen or brilliance and a poor hand feel. Also it feels quite thin and very much like poly, although I believe it to be 100% wool or very close to that. It was a good starter suit and I learned a lot about fit and such, but if you are purchasing a second suit or more than one from them- You're...
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