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joxr, my heel lifted all the time until I broke them in. sorry about the vibram sole, it's probably very stiff. mine are leather even though I put a lug sole on it, still soft to walk on.
Two pairs up for sale, the Slim Guy pair is Natural Indigo Selvedge with a size 30 waist. The Regular guy pair is Lightweight Indigo selvedge, also a size 30 waist. Asking $40 each, buyer pays shipping fees.
excited to make my first order.
Whats the pit to pit measurement? Is it a Medium size?
sent you a message. i'm in canada though.
Hi all, Looking for a nice Navy Scarf. Prefer solid color or herringbone pattern. Materials is not super important, prefer soft of course. Similar to below: http://bergbergstore.com/accessories/scarves/double-zibellino-cashmere-scarf-forest-green-deep-ocean.html Also see picture attached.
Guess who won the Online Contest portion with 24oz Naked & Famous Denim... http://www.rawrdenim.com/2014/03/dutil-denim-fade-february-2014-re-cap-100-gc-giveaway/
I need some Navy Chinos on the cheap. Anyone selling? Or where to kop on the cheap? I'm cheap, if that wasn't made clear.
S/S is always really weak in my opinion. I haven't bought anything in the years I've known about the brand.
Messaged you. Looking for equivalent to 14.5-32 SLIM FIT. Blue.
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