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excited to make my first order.
Whats the pit to pit measurement? Is it a Medium size?
sent you a message. i'm in canada though.
Hi all, Looking for a nice Navy Scarf. Prefer solid color or herringbone pattern. Materials is not super important, prefer soft of course. Similar to below: http://bergbergstore.com/accessories/scarves/double-zibellino-cashmere-scarf-forest-green-deep-ocean.html Also see picture attached.
Guess who won the Online Contest portion with 24oz Naked & Famous Denim... http://www.rawrdenim.com/2014/03/dutil-denim-fade-february-2014-re-cap-100-gc-giveaway/
I need some Navy Chinos on the cheap. Anyone selling? Or where to kop on the cheap? I'm cheap, if that wasn't made clear.
S/S is always really weak in my opinion. I haven't bought anything in the years I've known about the brand.
Messaged you. Looking for equivalent to 14.5-32 SLIM FIT. Blue.
Damn wish this was a size 41. I would have kopped...
It is not breathable at all.It's rubber coated, so basically sealed on the outside.That means any perspiration will be trapped inside the coat.My only real negative, cause I'm a big sweater- as in buckets.I just make sure it wear something with wool or keep it light underneath.Otherwise the sweat and moisture can be uncomfortable.
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