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some beautiful EG Dovers in Dark Oak Antique on the 606 w/HAF sole. also shameless plug - selling in B&S if anyone's interested in a great deal (size 11UK/D)
UPDATE - price reduced to $800 which is as low as I'll go on a pair of brand new dovers. Please PM or post any questions. Hi all, I ordered these MTO Dovers back in February which were originally scheduled to be delivered in mid-late Spring. I received word a couple months later they would be delayed for several months and bought a sweet pair of suede Chelseas at leffot instead . Well, I finally took delivery of the Dovers a week or two ago and it pains me to need to...
hey guys - gift card has been sold. thanks for your interest.
Anyone interested in an epaulet gift card with $386 value (from a recent return)? Please drop me a PM. If not I will be forced to buy another pair of carminas
For sale is one gift card to epaulet - a great menswear store in nyc and Brooklyn that stocks carmina and Alden shoes in addition to some very fine menswear. Asking $325 plus free shipping = to 16% off face value. Please PM if interested.
hello all. i currently have a pair of MTO EG Dovers on order - Dark Oak Antique Calfskin, 606 last, HAF sole with EG factory installed flush toe taps, size 11 D. i ordered these back in january and am expecting delivery sometime over the next month. of course my itchy trigger finger got the best of me over the past few months, and i've picked up a few other purchases in the meantime. as such I am looking to sell the Dovers for a fair price. please PM me if you have...
nah I think I get it now. to some variety is the spice of life. to others, there is simply optimal and sub-optimal and given your interest in constructing the optimal (for which there can be just one) there will inevitably be more discussion and argument about the nuances. practically though, i still say pick a few different collar/cuff combos and expand the fabric/pattern choices slightly within the light blue spectrum but understand this runs counter to your project.
while i do see the virtue in the "OneSuit" for a budget conscious young professional looking for a versatile staple appropriate in a variety of social and business settings, this just sounds like a very boring, formulaic approach to getting dressed each morning. there is something to be said for building a versatile and interchangeable wardrobe but it strikes me as a bit extreme when it comes to shirts. why limit yourself to just one? branch out and enjoy the various...
It's your suit dude - fine to give a little guidance on the look you're going for, but don't micromanage.
incorrect, not in the case of UCBD.
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