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some beautiful EG Dovers in Dark Oak Antique on the 606 w/HAF sole. also shameless plug - selling in B&S if anyone's interested in a great deal (size 11UK/D)
UPDATE - price reduced to $800 which is as low as I'll go on a pair of brand new dovers. Please PM or post any questions. Hi all, I ordered these MTO Dovers back in February which were originally scheduled to be delivered in mid-late Spring. I received word a couple months later they would be delayed for several months and bought a sweet pair of suede Chelseas at leffot instead . Well, I finally took delivery of the Dovers a week or two ago and it pains me to need to...
hey guys - gift card has been sold. thanks for your interest.
Anyone interested in an epaulet gift card with $386 value (from a recent return)? Please drop me a PM. If not I will be forced to buy another pair of carminas
For sale is one gift card to epaulet - a great menswear store in nyc and Brooklyn that stocks carmina and Alden shoes in addition to some very fine menswear. Asking $325 plus free shipping = to 16% off face value. Please PM if interested.
nah I think I get it now. to some variety is the spice of life. to others, there is simply optimal and sub-optimal and given your interest in constructing the optimal (for which there can be just one) there will inevitably be more discussion and argument about the nuances. practically though, i still say pick a few different collar/cuff combos and expand the fabric/pattern choices slightly within the light blue spectrum but understand this runs counter to your project.
while i do see the virtue in the "OneSuit" for a budget conscious young professional looking for a versatile staple appropriate in a variety of social and business settings, this just sounds like a very boring, formulaic approach to getting dressed each morning. there is something to be said for building a versatile and interchangeable wardrobe but it strikes me as a bit extreme when it comes to shirts. why limit yourself to just one? branch out and enjoy the various...
It's your suit dude - fine to give a little guidance on the look you're going for, but don't micromanage.
incorrect, not in the case of UCBD.
can anyone suggest a good source for edward green belts in the USA? Either online or brick and mortar is fine.
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