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Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy I really like San Diego, and rather dislike Boston. I never lived in SD, but spent about a total of 4 months living there a couple of weeks at a time doing some work, and I lived in Boston for 4 years. Yeah, the weather is great in San Diego, and the weather sucks in Boston (it's either cold, drizzling, or oppressive and hot with no AC in most rental housing). But the main thing is the people in San Diego usually...
Quote: Originally Posted by rebel222 Crup is shell cordovan. Guess I should've googled.
Quote: Originally Posted by bearsfan172 Who makes a nice pair of more modern wingtips. Like just a single stitch creating the wingtip shape and a slim silhouette throughout? I saw a pair of Vass ones that I liked (can't find the picture now) but I just don't have that type of money for shoes. Edit: Like these for example (posted on an earlier page but no brand listed) Not exactly that necessarily,...
What do you guys think of these as far as versatility? Would these be okay with jeans and with a suit? Uploaded with
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero Excessive. If it were a two button jacket and and he wasn't sporting the hat it would look better. Agree that it's excessive and contrived in a bad way. He looks like he's going to shoot a music video.
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero Boulder is a pretty town, but it would get old quick I'd imagine. There's almost no diversity. It's right next to Denver, and there's more diversity than you would think, particularly with CU in town. You just have to be okay with patchouli and microbreweries.
I have an English mastiff and she is the most laid back dog I've ever known. She used to play with kittens- well, they used to hang off her face with their claws and she carried them around.
Miami, Boulder CO, or anywhere on the coast in southern Oregon
The third picture shows a metal plate that extends into the heel. What is the purpose? Thanks.
How about a material that dust mites cant live in? Uploaded with
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