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Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma Moore is a terribly talented editor, which is probably not the case for whoever that guy is. I'm not saying I agree with the ideas of the former, just commenting on his movies. FTFY.
Quote: Originally Posted by HgaleK You may want to re read the study. Kids Asperger's most certainly respond to emotional stimuli, though often in odd ways. Didnt read the study- just heard about it from a friend who is a psychology professor. I will tell her to go reread it.
New or used? I might be interested in the 44R depending on measurements
Quote: Originally Posted by NoVaguy Looks like the real issue appears to be Breitbart and his selectively edited videos. Apparently the filmer of the tape is confirming what the Georgia official said in the washington post, and is hoping to get the full tape released. This makes me wonder about his other "exposes" by video tape (ACORN, Census tapes, etc). Those organizations had accused Breitbart and O'Keefe of selective editing as well (although...
I cant wait for the trite, condescending explanation of why this is still not a tax, followed by the token, "this is not what the American people want to hear about..." Summed up by a good dash of wall st vs main st, etc, etc. I predict something like this: "Thats just legal stuff. Joe sixpack doesnt care about legal stuff; what he cares about is how he's gonna get healthcare for him and his family. A tax takes money out of your pocket, we're actually putting money into...
Went to a townhall on Friday where Feinberg explained the BP compensation fund. Great salesman. Lots of pissed off people in the crowd, but he handled them well. Anyone who can show a claim gets 6 months lump sum emergency compensation without signing anything- if they are working, present income will be deducted from the 6 month estimation. Doesnt seem to be a duty to mitigate and they arent tracking month to month, so best option for anyone who can show a claim and who...
I would think that you are surrounded by interesting characters in NYC finance. People love to read about the outsized egos and conspicuous consumption that surrounds Wall St. Why not write something along the lines of Liars Poker or Rigged, but with a Scott Turow slant. It just seems like you would have a hell of a time getting a thriller published these days, so you might be better off writing something a little more grounded in reality (just watch that you dont pull a...
Interested in RLBL or RLPL 44R solid charcoal; maybe 42R depending on measurements.
Drop on TF
Quote: Originally Posted by earthdragon Zegna - Loafers. Size 9.5EE (no trees) Outersole measures: 12 3/4" x 4 1/4" $1110 Shipped Conus Would have thought someone would at least get the trees for $1K. Great items.
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