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Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles Wow I really want to punch that hipster in the face. BUT... you wouldnt hit a guy with glaysses, wouldja?
Wear whatever makes you feel most confident. If you are going to go in there worrying whether the color of your suit is acceptable, dont wear it. Your goal is to exude confidence, competence, and the ability to fill a need within the organization. Anything that detracts from that should be scrapped. If you feel okay in a brown suit, it wont matter. However, the fact that you are asking here indicates that you dont.
Read the book and saw the movie. As someone else said, the film follows the book pretty closely. I didnt think the film was that great, though. I actually thought the acting wasnt very good and the film sort of dragged (although I enjoyed the book.) Your mileage may vary. If you get a chance, check out "The Secret In Their Eyes." The story, directing, and acting was phenomenal IMHO.
Rolling Stones Stereophonics Soul Coughing Morphine TV on the Radio
I need to sell some of this stuff that doesnt fit. All items (except the Church's) were bought from other members here on the forum. I am simply looking to recoup what I paid for the listed items. 1) NWT Tom Ford French Cuff (with the cufflinks) shirt; please note that Tom Ford tag is cut and redded out to prevent returns. This shirt is an extremely soft, light cotton with a beige check pattern. Perfect for summer. I would love to keep this, but it is too small for me....
^^^^^ Those are great. Are they photoshopped at all? I really like the one of NYC and the one in the camp. What camera are you shooting with?
Quote: Originally Posted by Cant kill da Rooster Don't forget your free golf shirt from that tournament you did in 1995. And dont forget the fuckit bucket, eh Rooster?
Do a Bing search for Allen Edmonds. Click on the sponsored link for You will get a cashback option of 30% that can be applied to any brand of shoe on Endless (I think.) You can buy shoes on sale or maybe stretch your budget a little until you get the cash back in 60 days.
Went to college with a guy dubbed the Phantom Shitter for his proclivity to shit in supply closets and other random places during odd hours. I think this may be his father.
Head fluffer.
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