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So you actually think drug testing policies are administered fairly across the board? That a no tolerance policy would apply to a CEO when huge amounts of money are on the line? Interesting.
Agreed. If earnings are up and shareholders are happy, are you really going to drug test the CEO and the rest of upper level management? As an aside, I met a guy (Joe) who runs the drug test program for a local business. Apparently their system is very low tech- all employee numbers are put in a tumbler and those whose numbers come out are tested. The numbers are kept in a safe and an independent observer is present when the safe is opened and at the drawing. However, the...
The reasonable person standard is an objective standard. It does not (except under certain limited circumstances) encompass the limitations/past experiences/views of the actor in question. The way you wrote your second point above seems to propose that Z shot because he was scared due to past experiences with black people. This would not be reasonable in the context of the law. However, what you may have meant is that the chain of events leading up to the shooting...
+1The state MSF courses can fill up really fast, so make sure you sign up early. I personally would not ride a bike in LA, but if you are dead set on it, make sure its a bike that you can handle. Vanity only goes so far when you're splattered on the side of the road. Look at some of the SV 650 to Ducati Monster mods if you want something a little more stylish. Have fun and be careful.
I bet she has a filthy little mouth too. Birdman, you barred in NJ?
Well I guess they'll just have to learn to cram that into 3 minute segments so I don't have to change the channel or read.
People Who Don't Read Styleforum Are Not Better Informed Than Those Who Don't Read Salon, But Are Sometimes Better Informed Than Those Who Don't Read Slate. However, On The Whole, Those Who Don't Read Styleforum, Salon, Or Slate Are Often Not Better Informed Than Those Who Get Their News Elsewhere!!
Could it be the handwritten statements? Maybe the bankers in the background confused them? Perhaps they think OWS is a secret Republican plot?
I have to say that I think the basic premise of a meritocracy is flawed to the extent that those at the top presume they dont owe a duty to those at the bottom. There will always be someone smarter/someone willing to work harder/someone born to better advantages. I dont know that the OWS crowd really cares how the people on top got there, what they care about is whether the great majority of those in this country who are average have the opportunity to live a decent life...
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