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Quote: Originally Posted by lefty Sorry to hear that. Do you have a pic? lefty Thanks lefty. Here's a few
Just had to put my dog Iggy to sleep this morning. I dont usually make personal posts on anonymous forums, but it's pretty goddamn sad and I thought this thread would be an appropriate place to memorialize it. Anyway, just want to vent a little. Thanks.
Drops on TF shirt, Barbera trousers, Church's Shoes
Added Church's shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by rjakapeanut yeah that's not exactly a contradiction. perhaps poor wording caused that. i researched a ton of careers. lawyer sounded like a perfect fit. you can't be a lawyer without first going to law school. lost school is insane for obvious reasons, but i have no choice but to go to law school, because i would like to practice law. i agree that when i look back on myself in a few years i'll probably regret some things...
Start to lay the groundwork for how she disrupts the team atmosphere. Build the story slowly and keep pointing it out. Eventually, it will be accepted as fact. Then use it as a reason to cut her out of the loop.
Quote: Originally Posted by lawyerdad You're clearly an idiot. You must have graduated from the T14-18 tier. You have a fondness for calling me an idiot lately. I went to Princeton Law and even edited the journal, Princeton Review.
If you attend law school, you will be surrounded by people whose grades were just as good as, if not better than yours. And many of those people did not have bullshit majors. Your grades will not guarantee any sort of scholarship. Your LSAT score will have a major impact, so start practicing well ahead of time. EDIT: And listen to Lawyerdad. He speaks the truth.
Quote: Originally Posted by rjakapeanut this is the most attention i've gotten on styleforum ever lol anyways, what i mean is i only want to be a lawyer. my backup is english teacher. i'm an english major right now. either way don't trip, my grades are good enough for t14, and i'm probably going to go to LSU. so i'll likely get a full ride anyway. Do NOT do this. Go to the best school you can unless it is only marginally better than LSU....
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