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Quote: Originally Posted by earthdragon Zegna - Loafers. Size 9.5EE (no trees) Outersole measures: 12 3/4" x 4 1/4" $1110 Shipped Conus Would have thought someone would at least get the trees for $1K. Great items.
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Quote: Each label and customer has its own requirements for fabric and fit, but they all come to Greenfield for one thing: A legendary commitment to quality and hand-craftsmanship. That’s certainly what we had in mind when we sought him out to create an exclusive collection for Gilt. Looks like made for Gilt.
Quote: Originally Posted by Syl Depends on how far I'll go and what I'll get out of it. If it's my company, or his staying will help me significantly in yrs to come, then sure I encourage him to stay. If I gain nothing (or not much), then I'll encourage him to look around. It may sound as if I'm lacking loyalty but sorry, looking out for #1 is my main aim; and ditto for the company - it will look out for itself first and always. So... you...
Years ago I had a prick roommate in LA who insisted on calling me his "flatmate" and referring to our shitbox apartment as his "flat." Soon after he began dating a Jewish girl, he started to greet everyone with "Shalom."
If you have stomach fat and you do stomach exercises without burning the fat, your stomach will just get larger and you will look fatter. There is a lot of strength training you can do that exercises your core muscles without necessarily concentrating on those muscles. In any event, situps, etc, to lose belly fat is the wrong approach. You dont get a sixpack by gaining muscle, you get it by losing fat.
I use these Sennheiser: I find that most earbuds fall out of my ears as I exercise, so I constantly have to push them in my ears and turn up my music to compensate for the looseness. The arm on these Sennheisers keeps the earbuds securely in place- they have never fallen out of my ears no matter how sweaty I get or how vigorous the exercise. I can also listen to my music at lower volumes because the fit is secure....
Quote: Originally Posted by artoftime Prince, I'm guessing. My thoughts exactly.
Thanks guys. She was an english mastiff, but she was a rescue from a backyard breeder, so it is likely she was not purebred. She was about 130 lbs; small for an eng mastiff. Anyway, we had her for about 3 yrs and all of a sudden she couldnt walk one day. Went to the vet school and they did an MRI, spinal tap, etc and she had developed lesions in her brain. They said it was an autoimmune disorder that would just progress. We tried a few different treatments and she got...
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