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Were any of the Secret Service or military personnel involved female?
CY, you should start forging fun passes immediately. Fly out to LA with a suitcaseful and make that little bastard work for his money! No more free ride kid!Seriously, is one of your relatives one of the unrecognized child entrepreneurs that comes up in the google search you keep referencing?
Well I'm pretty sure this letter will do it. Mel's sure to make the movie now.
Just out of curiosity, who is an international maritime lawyer?Not sure I agree with your Medicare statement, but I definitely agree that the bolded is why Obamacare is unconstitutional. It's a massive jump in the commerce clause line of reasoning to rationalize that an individual's inaction affects interstate commerce and therefore can be regulated. I just dont see a bounding principle.
Interesting to watch the strategy begin to develop if the mandate is struck down. Combined with Dean's statements the other day, it looks like they will use it as a launchpad to get people fired up. This President has confronted the Supreme Court more directly than most in recent history- remember the State of the Union where he railed against the Justices?
I went to a show there once and the performer led a group prayer before it started. The audience was really into it. Despite this, I scored a 43. Perhaps the Branson question wasnt as heavily weighted as it should be.
I agree Wickard and Raich certainly indicate an expansive line of reasoning with respect to the Commerce Clause. I think Wickard is probably more applicable to your position than Raich. However, I can see that the tenuous connection to interstate commerce presented in Raich (even though the marijuana is grown for personal use, it is likely that some of it will enter the stream of interstate commerce) can be applied to those who are not presently using health services, but...
Well, you've obviously got a difference in that Wicker contemplated an affirmative act (growing wheat.) In addition, regulation applied if you grew an amount in excess of the quota. Hence, there was an opportunity to opt out of the market. Here, there is no opportunity to opt out. Fundamental difference.
Or to climb the corporate ladder. Somebody really put their foot in his ass.
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