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Good movie. Reminiscent of Underground. Not sure I would go with "amazing," but definitely refreshing. Artistic for sure.
In short, yes. The decision leaves some outs. For example, "A tax on going without health insurance does not fall within any recognized category of direct tax. It is not a capitation. Capitations are taxes paid by every person, 'without regard to property, profession, or any other circumstance.” Your broccoli example could arguably be construed as a direct tax. Of course, under this ruling, there are many ways around it. Additionally, when analyzing whether this is a...
One thing I have learned from buying apple laptops is to wait for the second or third gen. The price drops, and, most importantly, the inevitable kinks are worked out.
My Crossfit gym offers specialized classes such as powerlifting, olympic lifting, and endurance training so that members have the option to focus and develop different areas depending on their goals. It's pretty difficult to measure improvement just doing varied Crossfit workouts, but I have found the other courses really helped me to focus and improve in certain areas. If you look into Crossfit there are a few things you want to look for: first, look up the owners and...
It's strange that the database is so small, because it appears that this site is basically a marketing site for Beyond Diet. Have you tried Beyond Diet? If so, thoughts?
Thus far I've been using both fitday and livestrong. The free version of fitday will let you do a little more than the free version of livestrong, but the livestrong software has a better database and the interface is nicer. I'm thinking I might do the paid version of livestrong. If there are other suggestions I am happy to try them out. Thanks for the suggestions guys.
Thanks! I'll check it out.
Hey guys, I need to work on my diet and am wondering if you can point me towards some useful tools for this- specifically, software that will help me track my calorie intake and show me where I need to be. I dont want to wear something around like a bodybugg, I just want something where I can input foods and activity and get a nice visual representation of progress. About me- I'm about 215 right now. I really dont know what my bf% is- a quick online check says 19%, but I...
You're fortunate that you realized this so quickly. I know quite a few people who spent years slogging in the entertainment industry only to come to the same conclusion at a much later age. My advice is to try to get from point A to B using what you already have. For instance, I know many production companies have catered lunches. Maybe after your cooking class you could propose catering some lunches for your present company. Additionally, try to use your contacts at your...
Just saw The Melvins play. Not normally my genre, but I have to say they were pretty awesome. Tightest band I've seen live in a long time.
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