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+1The state MSF courses can fill up really fast, so make sure you sign up early. I personally would not ride a bike in LA, but if you are dead set on it, make sure its a bike that you can handle. Vanity only goes so far when you're splattered on the side of the road. Look at some of the SV 650 to Ducati Monster mods if you want something a little more stylish. Have fun and be careful.
Well, fortunately the market has expanded and we can now buy Bobs by Skechers in protest. It could be the most blatant, hilarious ripoff I have ever seen. Those kids sure are going to get a hell of a lot of shoes. What happens to the discards? Is there a huge landfill somewhere with a mountain of ugly discarded shoes?
"My brand" used by nobody losers to make themselves seem important. Also, "authentic" as a term for human interaction. Annoys the shit out of me. Landmark Forum creeps.
You could always use Bootcamp for software that absolutely requires a Windows environment. As for redlining docs, I did not realize that switching a MS Word doc between Mac and PC would make a difference. You should confirm this. I have never had a problem and it doesn't make sense to me that there would be an issue, but I don't know for sure. I have not used the new 2011 MS Office for Mac, only 2008 Office. The only major hurdles I would anticipate are due to specialized...
Quote: Originally Posted by coco2010 Has anyone heard from the guy lately? I bought the Hugo Boss coat and now not sure if Im even getting it. Haha. Funny, because I bought the same Hugo Boss coat. I received the "items stolen" message. I guess that tells us something. Damn, I was really cool and understanding with this guy. What a disappointment.
Does anyone have an extra AOL CD? My dial up really eats through my minutes fast.
PM sent
Was thinking about this today. Perhaps a forgotten film that I still think is great- Rush I also love Scott Hicks films- Shine and Snow Falling on Cedars; great auteurs are few and far between these days. Additionally, I will watch anything by Darren Aronofsky (although the Fountain was a little painful)
Quote: Originally Posted by Working Stiff How much does it cost? Where is it located? Here you go: Dont forget to post sit pics
Didnt want to read through all five pages, but did anyone mention "Life is a Highway" yet? This song was already horrible when it came out...
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