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Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire I would be interested on the correlation between IQ and "professional success." Better yet, one where people identified as "gifted" in their very early life. I have a theory, with only anecdotal evidence to back it, that those who learn extremely easily from the time of pre-K on, probably have lower rates of attaining professional success than the general population. Basically, I think having the ability to easily...
Quote: Originally Posted by commonwealth This is the absolute opposite of Sissy Spacesex. The only thing that could make it worse is if some recent law grad chimed in with some semi-hard and absolutely irrelevant summary of the legal implications of an online auction. I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Law grads have to do something to show that 150K was well spent. Every man deserves a little dignity, even lawyers.
I used to know a guy that kept a big jar of pennies in his car. When people cut him off in traffic he would get a handful of pennies, pull up next to them, and throw that shit as hard as he could. Now thats anger.
Geeze, so many overrated restaurants... I second Nobu. Obviously Little Door, but nobody goes there for food. Didnt make it to Craft, but I went to the one in Las Vegas and ... meh. OTOH, I think LA has some good moderately priced food. Astroburger comes to mind. WabiSabi on the westside is good sushi.
I hope buyer paid with a credit card through PayPal. If so, I suggest you end this silliness and initiate a chargeback. Even though seller is completely at fault, he acts as if he is being magnanimous by attributing part of the blame to buyer. Ridiculous.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rölfi pffffff grow a pair of ze balls and tell her to stfu +1
I second Zig Zag and Red Mill. I also like Zeek's pizza. I do have to say that I found fine dining to be mostly disappointing in Seattle, though. Maybe I just didnt go to the right places. Dunno. Probably more likely that I was spoiled from living in New Orleans.
Quote: Originally Posted by tjc4golf I'm on the seller's side in this one. Whether they say G&G or not they are G&G. Had buyer bought with the intent to flip I could possibly see a gripe but based on his post his intent was to wear them so I don't see how case the lack of a G&G label diminishes their value to him. I see what you're saying, but my 2cents is that the buyer's intended use does not matter. The seller should have sold with full...
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I recently purchased a Canon SX200 and love it. The picture quality is great and it has 12x optical zoom which is amazing for a small digital. Also, there is software called CHDK which you can load into Canons to open up many more advanced features when your skill level improves. This is one of the things I like about Canons- they allow you a great deal of flexibility from full auto to manual, which is great for someone who is learning. That said, I agree with others here...
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