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Received items from calisanfran, Masster - Classter, and FStyles. All great sellers. Thanks guys.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason I wouldn't pay the pieces of shit, I was in a similiar situation with comcast, I told them I already cancelled and they refunded my money because I threatened to fuck their bitches. Now this is a strategy I had not considered. Kings to you, sir!
"God is my Co-Pilot" In my experience, these people are often the shittiest drivers, too. I'm also insanely tired of the Shepherd Fairey/Obama "Hope" sticker
Here's to hoping he gets the same treatment in jail. EDIT: eventually
^^^^ The "Made in the USA" label is what I am referring to. Sorry if I did not make this clear. I thought I conceded that it is extremely difficult to trace the provenance of a product and where to draw the line (as you highlight in your oranges example) can be difficult. If you think the term "value" gives you a clear indication and reflection of the product, then ok, but I think that when most people see the label "Made in the USA" they 1) think the product is...
I think shes hot. If only she were an intern and Spitzer werent such a sanctimonious prick he would have been golden.
^^^ Hmmm. I took both and critical reasoning on GMAT was simple after having studied for the LSAT. I wasnt suggesting he study the entire LSAT course, just the CR section precisely because it is much more difficult than the GMAT equivalent. The LSAT book will have many more CR practice problems and go into much greater depth explaining the methods. It is worth a try before plunking down a big chunk of money on a course.
This just seems too vague to me. I know it is extremely difficult to trace and control the provenance of every component, but from reading their statement, I kind of suspect the costs break down something along these lines (this is purely hypothetical): Shoe- $10 cost to NB. Cost Breakdown: $2 - Research and Development in US $2 - Intellectual Property, Legal, etc in US $2 - Marketing/Sales in US $1 - Management/ other workforce in US $3 - Manufacturing/ materials...
Quote: Originally Posted by Star The math, comprehension and sentence correction is not a problem. The Critical Reasoning is really killing me! I am attacking the conculsions but I keep selecting the wrong answer If anyone knows of a website that explains a sure method let me If critical reasoning is the only section giving you real problems, I suggest you pick up some LSAT books as the LSAT focuses quite heavily on critical reasoning. I...
Bigmouth Strikes Again - The Smiths Sweetness, sweetness I was only joking When I said I'd like to smash every tooth In your head Oh ... sweetness, sweetness, I was only joking When I said by rights you should be Bludgeoned in your bed And now I know how Joan of Arc felt Now I know how Joan of Arc felt, oh As the flames rose to her roman nose And her Walkman started to melt Oh ... Bigmouth, la ... bigmouth, la ... Bigmouth strikes again I've got no...
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