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Quote: Originally Posted by FStyles Not sure where you're from but buying a house in a major metropolitan house in the US with CASH is nearly impossible. I'd say look into it a tad more before running your mouf. America is run on credit What he said.
PM sent
Not in the market, but I really do like those shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by RowRow Why do you care about credit score so much in Amerika? I mean, you could just, like, don't use credit at all. Credit is basically debt. Why would you be in constant debt? Just pay with what you have and don't take credit - problem solved. Yes, and you could, just, like, rent a living space forever and build someone else's nest egg while throwing away money.
This is a very informative thread. I'm pulling for you Frank, I hate getting jerked around by big corporations. EDIT: Also, I would stop talking to them and get some careful advice before your next communication- make sure you are clear on the legal interpretation of what you say so you dont unwittingly put yourself in a bad position.
Quote: Originally Posted by acidboy pardon my ignorance... but what the hell is a gang gang dance? Yes, please enlighten
Quote: Originally Posted by Mandrake The IWCs and Stowas are very nice, another option may be the Jungans Max Bill: There is also a chrono version, the Chronoscope: Regards That is a really nice looking watch.
^^^ Yeah, I hate when the women upcharge.
Quote: Originally Posted by FidelCashflow You can get your credit rescored. I'm not sure about the specifics, but I've heard that there are third party companies you can hire to help you fix your credit report if there's a mistake or disputed item. I saw a report about it on tv. Google it. I think all they do is negotiate a repayment in exchange for taking it off the report, but I'm not sure.
Great selection.
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