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Waiting to hear from seller.
I love some of those ties.
Kim is really hot, but my dislike for her personality takes away from my enjoyment of her tatas.
Good luck with the interview.
I think the pants look really nice. The jacket is a bit short for my taste, but if thats what you envisioned I am not one to judge. I'm no expert, but I agree that the back of the sleeves look a little off. Can you just go to tat and have them measure for your next attempt?
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim I would fuck with people. It would be awesome. Yes. For instance, I would repeatedly rebut what they said right before they said it. I would also read the minds of other mindreaders and show them up.
I just saw "A Prophet" I thought it was great and I recommend it highly. I'm not a film snob who raves about any new foreign film, so I think it should have a pretty wide appeal.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason Hi, xxx, Sorry if I called you at a bad time! I didn't mean to bother you, it's just yesterday I received an offer from the British Council who need me to make a decision quite soon. Needless to say, the UIC ELC is my primary choice. Next week my students will be taking midterms, so I will be more free. The following days/times are good for me, I hope something works for you and your HR dept: Any time...
If they really want you, it wont matter too much that you told them about the other potential employer. If they dont care too much, it could hurt, but then you may not have received an offer anyway.
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