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Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy WTF? I think that, at very least, the Tea Parties needs some new spokesmen. Youre not kidding. The TP is its own worst enemy. "Every TP member is a leader of the TP" - now that's an accident waiting to happen.
Drop on LB
Quote: Originally Posted by turboman808 I attended one tea party event on April 15th 2009 along with several of my friends. First time I have ever seen so many people in one place who get the idea of getting back to smaller government and want to get back to printing our own money. Sometimes it's hard to see well with those hoods on. Racist.
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy It wouldn't satisfy me, and I expect that it wouldn't satisfy the NAACP either, and for the same reason. See my post above. But you have put the burden of proof on the TP to prove it's not a racist organization. If the burden is accepted, then the underlying assertion is given credence. Even if the TP were to begin every meeting saying racism will not be tolerated, then this will be viewed as lip service and...
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy I think that Ran Paul's willingness to tradeoff Civil Rights for Property Rights is attractive to racists, and echoes the arguments that were used against Civil Rights legislation. Similarly, I think that his views on "local solutions" sound a lot like States Rights for 2010. I don't think that Rand Paul is a white supremacist, nor even necessarily a racist, but I think that his positions are fundamentally the same...
Quote: Each label and customer has its own requirements for fabric and fit, but they all come to Greenfield for one thing: A legendary commitment to quality and hand-craftsmanship. That’s certainly what we had in mind when we sought him out to create an exclusive collection for Gilt. Looks like made for Gilt.
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan Sure. I will take some new pics soon. In the mean time, here is my VT-100 amp. I have the black one. http://www.arcdb.ws/VT100/VT100.html Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan Oh yes, my new phono amplifier: http://modwright.com/products/5 The pics don't really do it justice but they are a start. You really have to hear it. Like listening to a master...
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma I don't see it as nuanced, he basically states a libertarian position but isn't willing to qualify it and discuss various consequences and trade offs. Wasnt he acknowledging consequences and trying to discuss tradeoffs of the contrapositive?
Quote: Originally Posted by mharwitt Santa Monica and the Valley. 3/4 of my corworkers and all of my girlfriends family and all of their friends, sadly. I wish I would have known some of your friends when I lived there. The only people I knew there were hardcore lefties who got into screaming matches if people disagreed with them.
Quote: Originally Posted by newinny Outside of educational trusts for children, how do the wealthy minimize the effects of the estate tax? Limited partnerships, LLCs, Life Insurance, Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts, Qualified Personal Residence Trusts (not as widely used), lifetime giving, and the list goes on. There are a million planning tools. Anything that can be discounted is extremely useful. Some creative things such as donating artwork...
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