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What people need to remember is that Lance was a leading figure of the sport. With leadership comes greater responsibility. To say it was ok that he doped because everyone else did is a complete copout. He perpetuated a culture of doping and his visibility and success ensured that the culture would be perpetuated for those who came after him. Young cyclists felt they had to do the same and doping was business as usual in the sport. Lance's success was a massive influence...
My favorite scene ever. Tarantino is such a master of dialogue. The scene between the Jew Hunter and the French dairy farmer at the beginning of Inglorious Basterds is very similar, but not quite as good.
My gym actually has a separate powerlifting coach. They also allow members to come in and use the equipment for their own routines. I'm pretty happy with what they offer, but if it were not for these extras, I would have a difficult time justifying the cost.
Yeah, I just accept that I'll be one of the slower people in the class and try to focus on form. Some of those movements are just stupid to do when you're panting so hard you feel about to pass out. I dont do rebounding box jumps either. I just jump up and step off. My achilles is more important than my time.
I agree with much of what you say. I did not mean to infer in my previous post that Crossfit is the answer for all goals. My personal goals dont match with Crossfit super well, which is why I break it up with other routines. Adjusting my diet has really made a major impact.
The reason it doesnt make sense is because he is assuming what someone else's goals are. Thats like going up to a guy training for a marathon and saying, "hey man, your training is shit. You'll have a much faster time on the 100 if you practice sprints."
Your comment makes no sense. It is also just as specious as some of Glassman's more outrageous claims.
I try to work out 5-6 days a week. Usually more like five. I do Crossfit WODs 3x and powerlifting routines 2x or 3x. On powerlifting days I also do a striking/conditioning session. If you look at the average Crossfit person (not those people in the games-they do not get that way doing 1 regular WOD a day), you see that lots of them who are very good at Crossfit aren't very strong. They have the muscle endurance, cardio, and body weight to strength ratios to do shit fast...
"Other Navy SEALs are expressing anger, with some going so far as to call him a traitor" And "He's the one who started this..." First Blood franchise revival here we come!
Broke my foot pulling a weight sled. Fuck.
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