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The reason it doesnt make sense is because he is assuming what someone else's goals are. Thats like going up to a guy training for a marathon and saying, "hey man, your training is shit. You'll have a much faster time on the 100 if you practice sprints."
Your comment makes no sense. It is also just as specious as some of Glassman's more outrageous claims.
I try to work out 5-6 days a week. Usually more like five. I do Crossfit WODs 3x and powerlifting routines 2x or 3x. On powerlifting days I also do a striking/conditioning session. If you look at the average Crossfit person (not those people in the games-they do not get that way doing 1 regular WOD a day), you see that lots of them who are very good at Crossfit aren't very strong. They have the muscle endurance, cardio, and body weight to strength ratios to do shit fast...
Broke my foot pulling a weight sled. Fuck.
Prepare yourself for a long haul, particularly if you don't have connections or a large amount of money you can bring to the table. Without those two things, I would say the next most valuable tool to get you going is being an AMAZING screenwriter. Hollywood is packed with talented people all waiting for their shot, so you have to be truly exceptional to get noticed. Regarding talent agencies, that is not a bad plan, but you have to understand it's an extremely long path...
Tell them you will do it and troll the shit out of them. There is a forum out there (can't remember which one) where people post their Nigerian scam trolling exploits. Keep us updated.
No, I cannot sit like that. Thanks for the link above. I'll increase my stretching and hopefully that will help me progress.
An asshole. Please refer to couch thread.Need some advice on squats. My squat is ridiculous in comparison to my other lifts and I'm having trouble improving. I do have issues with flexibility- at full depth, I really have to lean forward to get there. However, I also feel that I need to lean forward to simply keep my balance. I know my weight should be on my heels, but I just can't seem to get it there at the bottom. Would it help to focus more on front squats for awhile,...
Billionaire was interesting. If you like watching train wrecks, see Hated: GG Allen and the Murder Junkies While a mockumentary, Zoo was incredibly well done if you can get past the subject matter I'm sure someone already mentioned Grey Gardens The Dancing Outlaw is pretty fascinating as well; Knoxville did a sort of remake in 2011
Here are a few ways: 1) go to the website of the Sheriff in the county you are interested in and look for the civil section. They often publish the lists of the foreclosure sales coming up along with the residential address and appraisal value. You can show up to the foreclosure sales and place a bid. 2) Monitor court filings for foreclosure proceedings- this will cost you, but you will see initiated foreclosure proceedings faster. 3) Contact a bankruptcy attorney and see...
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