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The entire bar exam for my state was essays. They were pretty in depth, but the same approach applied- stumped on an issue, make up a rule and IRAC like crazy.
I feel for you. I knew quite a few people in your position and it's rough, particularly after completing the hell of law school. Try to remember that you are not alone. As for the bar exam, I think you should take it. You don't want to keep thinking of what could have been. Just pass the bar, then see what options you have. That said, I do not think you should take the February bar. It sounds like you're not feeling very confident and failing to pass the February bar...
Film tax credits in pretty much every state are either directly refundable to the state or transferable, which simply creates a secondary market for the credits.The main problem with film tax credit incentives is that it takes a very long time for the positive effects to come to fruition. Film and television production is such a specialized industry requiring unique skill sets that development of local talent in areas that are not traditional centers for film production...
He is, unfortunately, not in an uncommon situation. One option for him to consider is a specialized area with less competition. For instance, tax can open doors in the big 4 as well as at law firms. He would probably need an LL.M., but that only takes a year and is worth it if he truly enjoys that area of law.
Went to watch the fight in a bar last night. Looked over at the table next to me and Jason Statham and Bobby Rich were sitting there watching the fight. I was just waiting for the token drunk tough guy to start a fight with one of them.
Absolutely. Evangelicals and their ilk should just vote and shut up. Blows me away every time that Repubs kowtow to those assholes.
Well at least someone buys all the O enthusiasm: Jim Cramer predicts 440 to 98 for an Obama win.
I would seriously advise against the JD/MBA. I have quite a few acquaintances who have the degree and it seems to really confuse potential employers. The MBA portion is truncated, so businesses don't seem to have as much respect for the MBA, and law firms understandably suspect candidates are not committed to law. I'm sure there are success stories out there, but I haven't heard them. With the added pressures of the current market, the additional debt, and the additional...
I agree with the sentiment, but wanted to be objective. A friend knew him and couldn't say enough about what an asshole he is.
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