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Missed this - sorry.I havent managed to take a good photo of the black yet, its a tough one to photograph. Its character is very like the other baranils - flat, semi matt and will burnish over time, but without the colour change of the browns. Its very black - no grey or blue. Happy to send samples if it helps!Charlie
Hopefully enough to go around! We'll see when they get here..
Definitely not first, it's a long list that's been accumulating for a year or so! Your definitely on it and there will be a buckle with your name on it though :-)
Hi Guys, Good news - we have a batch of the Damascus buckles in the country making their way through customs. First dibs to people who've already put their name down, second dibs to SF members if there are some left. Watch this space! This is the first batch we've been able to get fopr a long time, we have them made in Japan by a very good knife maker who is very very busy and so very very slow.. For the Baranil lovers, quick photo from last week.. Charlie
The weather has been nice so we've been doing some photography! An ostrich flat full length strap for a vintage fixed bar watch Bakers London tan oak bark bridle leather - lots of you will have this as a belt but the Bakers Bridle leathers make great watch straps too.. and of course some Alligator! All handstitched as ever! Charlie
Another quick one - very much a gift for the man who has everything! Full chocolate alligator key fob handsewn with brown lin cable. Charlie
Hi All, I know theres a small community of pen collectors - quick shot of a protoype pen case for you guys.. Charlie
Hi Guys, Havent posted any photos for a little while, so heres a few recent ones. Regular readers will remember we're transitioning from Barenia to Baranil, for various reasons I wont rebore you with, but in part quality. Heres one of the first watch straps we've made in Fawn Baranil - on the website soon Quick shot of a watch strap in mid brown glazed alligator as well Charlie
The Filis is a straighter buckle than the West End, it isn't designed to curve around the waist like the West End does. I wouldn't say it makes a bulge, but it is less figure hugging. It's a nice buckle, we use authentic stirrup buckles for it so if your looking for something a bit different or something that reflects our saddlery background it's a good choice. The Brass versions of the buckle are slightly more slimline than the stainless steel and are my own choiceI don't...
Probably the No 18 and No 22 are lowest, nothing totally out of stock thoughCharlie
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