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Very much depends on what you want and what leather you pick. Taking this bridle leather strap in a recent photo as an e.g., we thin the leather the strap is made from down to around 1mm or a fraction more, so the edges are about 2mm throughout. For the end of the strap at the watch the middle is raised, its around 3 1/4mm in the centre, but this raising tapers down to nothing around the holes to make the strap easier to bend so the point end is around 2mm thick. Some of...
Lovely things, the Ascending Dragon in particular Charlie
Yours of course will have a rather special buckle as well!The raised profile of the L&Rs brings the leather to life. You get the same effect with the watch straps as well, the light works differently with the curves and adds an extra dimension to the leather. Its one of the reasons its such a rewarding material to work with.Charlie
We're quite often asked about what goes in to making our products, in particular things like our Lined and Raised, watch straps etc so I took a quick photograph this afternoon on the basis a picture is worth a thousands words. This is my work bench along with a Lined and Raised belt thats just been completed. All the tools in view on the bench are used in the making process, a total of 40 if Im counting correctly. Its an interesting collection of tools, some old, the new...
Hi Guys, We've just received a little shipment of the 1 5/8" Rentetsu buckles from Japan after a 4 month wait. After the buckles that were already reserved we have 3 remaining, so get them while you can! They are on the website and the stock levels of the buckles are up to date. We also have 6 of the 1 1/4" buckles. http://www.equusleather.co.uk/belts/special-edition-belts/the-rentetsu-belt.html The 1 5/8" version The 1 1/4" version Charlie
Cant believe I haven't come across this thread before! Im a total coffee addict. Poison of choice is Monsoon Malabar bought green and roasted at home. Mornings do not happen without 3 large cups. Charlie
Todays photo! This is a Barenia Key fob with a Sterling Silver key ring being hand stitching in the Teesdale sun with Beige Lin Cable. Lovely colours and textures, I love being able to work with materials like this - we're very lucky we get to do this for a living. Charlie
A couple more pictures from our refreshing product image project. This is the the West End in Australian Nut and Brass and Black and Stainless Steel. Its our second oldest design and still our best seller, very much and old friend to us. The website will let you build hundreds of thousands of different permutations of this style - its our belt for all seasons :-) http://www.equusleather.co.uk/belts/bridle-leather-belts/west-end-bridle-leather-belt.html Charlie
Hi Guys, Haven't posted a watch strap photo for a little while so heres a Midnight Blue bridle leather watch strap with Royal Blue lin cable hand stitching. This is a quick photo of my favourite corner of the workshop - the spring sunshine inspired some photography! Charlie
One photo from today. We've had some dust bags made up as a trial that we're using for the Stratfield Belt Kits and straps - they aren't as easy to hang in a wardrobe as our more conventional designs. First impression is we rather like them! Charlie
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