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You may :-)Ive looked at Horween leather a number of time over the years, and I do already have a Special Edition penciled in as a Stratfield strap using the cross hatch grain in some of the interesting colours its available in, its really different and very appealing.My take on their more mainstream leather is that their Shell is by far an away the best of what they do. Unfortunatley Shell is one leather we wont work with, its made using a sheet of ligament (arguably its...
Thank you :-)I completely agree, these are really very small Lined and Raised belts, with the added interest of the raising tapering from the watch to the holes to make the strap as flexible and user friendly as possible. The leather comes to life when you give it shape, its a totally different effect than a flat strap.Charlie
Thank you, really pleased you like them :-)I particularily enjoyed the blue lining for that L&R, its an unusual combo and went well together. I dont think we took any photos of it ourselves, must have been raining!I love the L&Rs - as you say they are a very pleasing combination of substantial and refined. I love the effect light has on the raised areas and the stitching. Really this is the design that underpins all our recent work and started our relationship with SF in...
The Special Edition Stratfield in NovoNappa (AKA Barenia...) Calf is now on the website.....just in time for you to use the JULY15 discount code before it runs out at midnight http://www.equusleather.co.uk/belts/equus-parisian-collection/stratfield-belt-strap-304.html
They are all lovely, Im sure your Daughters is too :-)The lovely thing about both these and the Rentensu is they are genuinley unique. I love our Aspley in Palladium, but by design one is identical in every regard to another, every Damascus is totally unique.Charlie
*Heads Up* I've just added the very last of our Damascus Buckles to the website. It's the last one we have in stock, we don't intend to discontinue them, it's just we haven't a date for a new batch coming in, so this is all we have left for the foreseeable future! First come, first served. It's on the website to purchase and you can use the JULY15 code to get 15% off. http://www.equusleather.co.uk/belts/special-edition-belts/damascus-belt.html Dawn
Yes, of course. PM will be with you in a mo :-)
Thanks for that Patrick. I love how the Russet has developed!Charlie
Hi All, Couple of photos from today Charlie
:-) good choice!Charlie
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