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Glad you like it :-) It is a rather lovely thing for exactly those reasons, and quite a different than our other buckles. Hard to photograph, but this illustrates quite wellCharlie
We've just sent out a mailshot with some great promotions....
Morning all (UK time!) A slightly random, but hopefully interesting, question! Our products are now in over 60 countries, spanning 5 continents......Antarctica is the troublesome one! Is anyone planning a trip to the South Pole soon?!? Seriously though, Charlie and I looked at the map below and are incredibly proud that so many people across the world are enjoying our things. The internet truly does make the world a smaller place! Dawn
Thanks to all participants! Great we were all collectively able to contribute to this :-)Great first belt :-) The damascus buckles are amazing things, the guy thats making them for us is doing a great job!Charlie
You can never go wrong with the Oak Brown....
Thats kind Fok, thank you! Id be mostly spectator but with we should really think about going as a vendor next year so I'd have my research hat on as well.We haven't got any of the Bakers Aus Nut at the moment, it could be got in time though Im sure! We can chat through the choices though of curseCharlie
:-) If you pick your options asap we'll certainly do our best to get it to you for Pitti! Really I should go but I don't know if the schedule will allow atm..Yup! Im sure we can work something out! We'd actually panned to build up some more Ready to Wear stock before Christmas but the order book didnt allow!Yes, definitely! I hope there will be 5 of the 1 5/8" on the way shortly as well as another 7 of the 1 1/4" version. Im not sure how long they'll be though. Id asked...
The auction is strictly for one of our Ready to Wear belts but if we don't have the size someone wants in stock or someone from here takes us up on the offer above we'll make it as if it was a bespoke order. Either way it'll be shipped by us. We can certainly put the belt in with an existing order, but given its a charity auction I'd prefer to see any shipping savings going to them :-)Charlie
:Pleased to help! If someone from here buys the belt I'd be happy for us to make the belt using a different buckle than the Brass or Stainless West End in the listing - as long as the sale price is close to our list for the belt you want we'll do it. Its a good cause so I'd like to see the price go as high as possible :-)Charlie
Hi Aaron,The 1 1/4" Damascus made up into a belt starts from £200 ex VAT. It sounds like you might be just after the buckle though? Maybe drop me a PM if so and we can talk about what you need :-)Charlie
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