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Hello everyone, Dawn here! I've been busy adding belts to our Clearance Section and have more to go on today, some great bargains to be had! I'm also finalising the last order dates ready for the Christmas rush, they'll be posted here as well as emailed out, but one final date that is fixed is the following: Midnight Friday November 14th - Lined & Raised Belts, Wallets, Watch Straps & Key Fobs. Dawn
A +1 to the above - Simon is a good guy and will make you a proper caseCharlie
Just a brief update on the above - hardware upgrades done last night and appear to have sorted and made the site in general a bit snappier, but of course if anyone has any issues we'd love to hear about them :-) Back to making L&Rs - leather is more tractable than web servers!Charlie
Hi All,Have identified the problem I think. We have had a backup job running at 1 am our time that pegged the database server cpu completely for a couple of hours per night that we hadn't picked up on. After a hardware upgrade I think all should be sorted but we'll keep an eye on itCharlie
Hi MSI use a couple of sterling buckles myself from the original run from maybe 2 1/2 years ago and they don't need any more maintenance than a brass or nickel buckle really. We treat them with Renaissance Wax the same as all our buckles before they leave us to give some initial tarnish protection and we include a silver cleaning cloth with each one that work amazingly well. The hardness is also pretty similar to brass. Of course like any metal they can get scratches and...
:-) Thanks, glad you like it!
More new things on the website! As Ive mentioned in passing a couple of times we've been doing a lot of work to get our Sterling Silver production back on line. Its taken a long time, partially because we're always so busy development can get left to one side but more than anything because we've found it so hard to find a firm to work with for the casting who really gets the idea of quality. Thankfully we seem to have solved that so heres the first of the belts back in...
Hi All, We've just had our second batch of Damascus buckles arrive from Japan so I've been able to get the belt on the website. The first batch sold out the day we got them so we didnt have any to sell by the time we got the photos taken! I intend to keep these in stock as much as possible because I think they're lovely but theres only one guy making them for us and he's extremely busy so I think there may well be big gaps in supply - if you want one I'd buy one while you...
I doubt there are many who make their own metalwork but its certainly possible to buy metalwork thats very well made and worth paying the premium for from local makers - we have our hardware made for us in the UK. I know for a fact there are also excellent buckle and fitting makers in France who make for Hermes and LVMH. Ive seen the industrial buckles from Italy first hand and the quality drop is very apparent. There undoubtedly is a good business case for outsourcing all...
Cant remember who I was thinking of! None the less theres a lot of good Alligator stuff coming out of the States so am sure searches here will find some suggestions. There are some European makers like Duret and ABP as well that are likely using US sourced AlligatorCharlie
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