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In more Baranil related updates, Ive finally got the Baranil watch straps on the website for those who've been asking for them!
Great, Im sure Phoebe will be able to helpMy advice would be to aim for the shortest hole being the one you use, so if the hole you wear your current belt on is 34" say, have the middle hole be 34 3/4" so the last hole is the one you'll use so if you expand or wear lower rise trousers you'll have 1 more hole to go before any are visible. Thats obviously totally not the way a regular belt should be sized, you'd be aiming for the middle hole to give yourself symmetry and...
Belated wallet photos as promised! These are goatskin and Baranil. Personalisation featured with its owners consent!
Yup, can also be configured on request as well from say 3.25 to 4.25mm to suit your requirments and use case. I like 4 mm, thats my ideal thickness, we can change nearly any aspect of that style of calf belt design to accomodate its owner though
Answering as a Stratfield owner rather than maker I certainly wear them with suits. If the size and hole counts is just right so all the holes are invisible I think its probably the smartest, sleekest look available from us actuallyThere are quite a few suit wearing Stratfield owners here who will hopefully chime in!Charlie
Hi Guys, The Damascus buckles have nearly sold out - on three left so if you want one to hang around, they'll be sold out again soon! http://www.equusleather.co.uk/belts/special-edition-belts/damascus-belt.html In other news, heres a quick snap of a custom order, full Barenia coat wallet thats used the last of our secret stash of leather. Given the difficulty of working with the leather I was pleased with the end results! Couple more wallets still to photograph Charlie
PM sent with contact details
I think he might have been selling his last remaining stock, I know he was slowly thinking about starting to retire some time ago
Glad you like it :-)We're still developing the watch straps all the time, its starting to come together into a range we're really proud of. The straps arent perfect yet, but Im a great believer that if you think youve got it just right you arent being self critical enough and so your work stagnates. I cant really talk about the details yet but we're in the early stages of making straps for two of the top end UK watch makers, and more in discussions at the moment. Its an...
Like the blue croc - very classic
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