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It doesnt seem to much more than a regular buckle tounge, particularily with bridle leather which is very robust. The forces are applied to the leather differently than a more conventional design with a tounge, but its only the same amount of force in either case. I wear a calf Stratfield everyday and it hasnt deteriorated in a meaningful way, and no pressure marks on the face of the leather from a buckle either which is a nice benefit
Glad you like them :-)Fingers crossed shortly! Im promised the next batch will be finished in the next few days so back on the website as soon as they get to the workshop
Yes :-) Looking forward to it!
Watch this space!
32mm is the next Strat buckle design thats in the works at the moment actually, and we have 38mm nearly ready to go. If you have the style of buckle that goes in front of the strap (like the H buckle) you can actually use quite a few widths of strap, the buckle self centres the strap as lomg as there isnt a big difference. You could use a 30mm strap for sure, its a flexible design
Thanks Guys, good advice
Looks good! I havent seen one of the buckles on somone elses strap, we originally designed the straps to interchange with the H buckles, hadn't thought about the fact the interchangeability therefore works the other way as well!
ThankThank you!
Hi Guys, Popping in again to apologise for the lack of posts from us, we're all flat ou getting orders done for Christmas! In the meantime, heres a short film we made exploring our equestrian background at the end of the summer that we've just completed you all might enjoy. Charlie
I'd agree, it's a lovely warm shade, one of my favorites
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