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If we could source quality leather in we'd be happy to use it. Bridle leather has a fairly narrow number of colour choices on the whole, much more so than calf tends to, so for our bridle leather ranges we're limited by what our tanneries make. Id have thought our Burgundy might be usefully close though?Charlie
Glad you like them :-)
There are a few others that have and will continue to patinateBakers London TanBakers RussetThere are also lots of watch straps here, if patina is your thing (it is mine) the Barenia and the Oak Brown are amazing leathers and probably make our best watch straps. I even made a test natural watch strap the other day as well:-) - will continue to butt out of this thread now but thank you to all who have said nice things.....Charlie
Since the New Year, Charlie and I have been working on our new website. Many hours, days and weeks have gone into it, a true labour of love! However, we are 'almost' there and I thought you guys at the Style Forum would like a little sneaky peak.....so here you go:
We often get asked for pictures showing the different buckle finishes we offer: London Dee - Polished London Dee - Satin Brass West End - Satin Nickel West End - Polished Kensington - Palladium
Hi Riva, Of all our leathers the Bakers Australian Nut is the most flexible - it is oiled during the currying and finishing process so its much more flexible for its thickness than any of our other leathers. The Sedgwick bridle leather is next, it starts of quite firm but will soften and break in well and can be helped along with a little neetsfoot oil if you specifically want to make it flexible - its easy to overdo though! We're very happy to send samples if it would...
Fabulous stuff
The underlying pattern would work in the suede I think, not sure the stitching would stand out very well, the suede tends to hide it - that aside don't see why notCharlie
Definitley not abandoned, but temporarily on hold. We struggle to keep up with demand so its difficult to develop new stuff as well as keeping our waiting list at sensible levels and of course we have to prioritise getting stuff to people in a timely manner. Keep watching this space though, they will appear! The leather and other raw material sourcing is done - just need to fully develop our patterns.These are the prototype card cases that were being talked about a little...
Hi Guys, Quick Sale heads up. Our West End Roller belt is discounted by 15% until the end of the month - good opportunity to add to or start the collection :-) Charlie
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