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Not quite ready for prime time yet but we're working on it :-)
Hi Oz,Yes, the Oak Brown tends to be a good 4.5mm thick, possibly more, the Sedgwick is a max of 4mm, its noticeably thinner. The Bakers London Tan is about the same as the Sedgwick leathers, but all the rest are thicker.Hope that helps!Charlie
There are various people here who do and may well chip in. Of course I have all four though! The Shackleton and Scott are around 90% the same. The finishing process is the key difference, we have the Scott leather made a touch softer, it feels like the Shackleton will after a year or twos wear. The colour of course is different as well, the Dark Stain shade of the Scott will burnish a touch but really wont change noticably over time. I have worn my Scots very hard over the...
Thanks very much - we love what we do and we love what we make.
As ever this forum is full of infornation about unexpected things!
I never miss cigarettes but I still mourn my pipe. One of lifes pleasure lost. My father complains bitterly they have now spoiled Sobrannie which he still smokes, the recipe was altered some years ago, I believe because of a Latakia shortage, you are remembering it at its best!
It was Balkan Sabrannie specifically I was thinking of, I havent smoked for a decade but the smell and taste are still deeply etched in the brain!In this context its pipe tobacco, but I imaging there are Latikia based cigarette tobaccos as well and it sounds like thats what yours where, really powerful, pungent flavours from eastern Europe, either love or hate at first acquaintance.
It will certainly be interesting to see what the Yuft leather is like. They are using seal oil and Birch so one would assume the scent will be the same anyway, and the photo they have on the website is indistinguishable from our Metta Cattherina leather (we only have a tiny bit left).
If you like that leather thats going to age and darken, yes, either os a great choice. The Russet is a simpler belt, unfinished edges, undyed leather leather, our aim is to let the belt age naturally and do its own thing, great casual belt if you like leather that ages well. The Shackleton is a little more finished and a more dense and heavier leather, its harness rather than bridle. Its a very similar shade to where the Russet will end up over time. In either case you'll...
Yup, I mean the peaty, smoky whiskies like Islay, Talisker etc, but Im comparing the scent of the Reindeer/Birch oil with the taste of the whisky. Probably that only works in my own head I appreciate. The Latakia tobacco does smell a bit similar though I think, in my memory the taste tastes a bit like the birch oil smells - havent smoked any for 10 years now though (sadly)..
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