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Yes. The goatskin we are using for everything now is French (hence is described as Chevre). Its as completely consistent as is possible with an aniline vegetable tanned leather. Its predecessor was from a tannery in England and could vary from outstanding to not really good enough, irrespective of how much money we paid for it. We prefer to buy as much of our leather in the UK as possible, but the quality of the French stuff was such it was a no brainer to change (sadly)....
Yes - not totally finished but they are on the website in a complete enough form you can see the images and buy them. We plan to have all of the leather and colour options as swatches so you can pick what you want more easily. I plan to develop a couple more designs in this range and we need to get more good photos but we're getting there now.http://www.equusleather.co.uk/accessories/equus-handstitched-wallets.htmlCharlie
They certainly have been in stock, we have them made in batches, and they do tend to sell out either instantly or are all pre sold before they get to us, they are tricky to get hold of.The metal is Damascus steel, its made from many many layers of different steel varieties that are folded, twisted, turned, squashed etc to form a solid billet of steel that has a grain pattern runnign through it. We have the steel etched in acid which causes some layers to darken more than...
In theory they should be in production at the moment. A batch of steel was selected some time ago and is with our knife maker. They are very good and thus very busy, so timelines tend to slip. I will keep people updated!Charlie
Yes - exactly that, a fraction firmer but otherwise a lovely combination tanned, nourished calf that burnishes as you use it. Lovely stuff!Charlie
Its a leather from a different tannery in the same region thats tanned and finished in a very similar way. Assuming two pieces of leather of the same quality there are some slight differences that I think make the Baranil slightly nicer, but the differences are very small indeed and I think indistinguishable to most.Charlie
Its a different style to yours Justin, no duplication :-)I haven't processed the photos of the interior of this one yet, I'll post them when they are done. In the meantime though heres a snapshot of one with an identical interior in a different shade of goatskinCharlie
Thanks Lance :-)Charlie
Hi JrYup, here you go!We're getting quite low on our Barenia stocks - we'll replace it on the website with Fawn Baranil when we run out.In other wallet news heres a Lloyd Coat wallet in Alligator finished todayCharlie
Thank youand thank you!Charlie
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