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No problem! Dawn and I are away for the rest of the week now and we manage the thread so a couple of days of radio silence coming up :-)Charlie
Yes, absolutely! You need to order one of our regular bespoke West Ends (not a Ready to Wear) and leave us a note in the comments box at the end of the checkout process and we can make one with no crease marks with pleasure.Hope that helps!Charlie
Hello SF-ers! Thought you'd like to know before our mail shot goes out later today that we are offering free worldwide delivery on all of our Ready To Wear Bridle Leather Belts. We've been updating and adding to the Ready To Wear Section over the last few months, so the following are now available in sizes 30"-40": The Mayfair (solid brass) in Australian Nut The Stainless Steel West End in Black & Australian Nut The Brass West End in Black & Australian Nut The Nickel...
Thank you! They are fun things to make and really quite challenging, as much as anything becuse laying out all the stitch marking is really tricky. Im sure firms who make loads have huge stitch markers made up to do it, we draw the shapes on to the leather by hand and then stitch mark over the design and then finally stitch it. Lots of time to get it wrong but satisfying when it works out.I always find it easy to think that traditional designs are quiet and modern is...
Hi Guys, Havent posted any of our more traditional work for a little while, so quick photo from yesterday. This is a traditional English Sam Browne belt made without fittings for the cross belt or frog so it can be worn as a regular belt. You cant beat Australian Nut and Yellow stitching, lovely very traditional combination. Charlie
We aim to enable :-) Thank you for the kind words and the custom!Theres been lots of interest in the Rusticalf, mostly to go with Palladium Stratfields. Interestingly people have chosen across nearly all the skins rather than just one or two colours so a) we've obviously picked a reasonable colour range and b) we still have a good amount of each colour left :-)Charlie
Concise and true!
I'm with Simon, printed grains imitating something else is pointless, just buy the original, it'll be better! Thats said I have some samples of the Horween Hatch grain and if you just take it as another grained cow its nice leather really. Totally different than the original but I dont think its trying to imitate in the way a Mock Croc is. Its rather like a traditional Bag hide but different finish and print..Charlie
Hi Jon,Really pleased they're doing well :-) I suspect the leather can take the credit more than we can but great to hear how older belts are doing!My own feeling is the Stainless West End Roller would be Casual/Smart Casual rather than suit wear, its a reasonably chunky buckle. Thats only my own view though and you certainly could use it if you liked it. Maybe the Stainless West End (non Roller) is a bit smarter but very similar? Its a more conventional suit shape and a...
Extremely useful and detailed post!From an English saddlers point of view, if a rivet is used it would always be a peened solid rivet of brass or copper. Plated iron is never a good thing, its always going to rust at some point.We dont use rivets at all really but where they are needed, like riveting the reinforcement strip in a briefcase flap or installing locks theres no doubt solid rivets are the right choice. This style of solid peened rivet is also how iron ships...
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