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Hello Dopey - Dawn here, Charlie is out of the workshop today, but if you send him a direct email (charlie@equusleather.co.uk) with some pictures of your watch strap then he'll get in touch. Next last order date is looming! Order to arrive in the USA in time for Christmas need to be placed before midnight GMT this Wednesday, the 19th November. Dawn
Good Lobbying! We have sold all the original batch but more are on their way. I intend to have them as a permanent stock buckle rather than Special Edition, there may be the odd glitch in supply, all the people that make buckles for us are little so get overwhelmed at times but that aside there shouldn't be any supply issues, in theory at least!Charlie
Would love to say yes - we haven't got even a master copy from our buckle makers yet so I think it'll be next year now. Style forum will be first to hear as ever though!Charlie
Hello everyone, Dawn here. The Sterling Silver West End is now live on the website and can be found here Also, the next 'Last Order' date is looming for delivery in time for Christmas. This Sunday, midnight, for anyone in Canada, Eastern Europe, Cyprus and Greece. Today (November 14th) is also the last date for ordering Lined & Raised Belts, Watch Straps and Wallets in time for Christmas. I'm also putting together some lovely Saphir Gift Kits, to appear later...
Little video for you guys. We're putting together a video of the making of the Rentensu buckles in preparation for the arrival of the 1 1/4" version (hopefully this year!), we have the first draft on our Facebook page at the moment. I don't think we can embed video here so we'll just link to it. It doesnt have every single step on but it gives you a flavour of how traditional a process it is. Hope you like it :-) https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152822413066217 The...
Personally I think either would work. I have 1 1/8" Nickel West Ends I wear with suits but I'd happily wear the Mayfair as well and its a slimmer buckle if thats the effect you want. I'm shorter and lighter than you and I don't think 1 1/4" is too wide at all so I wouldn't worry about that, we are developing a 1 1/8" Mayfair after Christmas though.One thing I would say just in case you weren't sure, the Palladium plated and Nickel buckles are different colours. The nickel...
Great Chris, many thanks :-)Charlie
Hi All, More photos of yesterdays work. This is a special order Bridle Leather Lined and Raised with a Black face, Royal Blue Lin Cable hand stitching, a Midnight Blue lining and a Damascus buckle from the first batch. Charlie
Hi Chris,Theres a permanent StyleForum 10% coupon - StyleForum10% . Hopefully that'll help :-)Paypal certainly like their pound of flesh. Maybe the code above will help ease the pain also :-)Charlie
Thought I'd post an photo that'll be of interest for those asking how the belts (or Sedgwick bridle leather in general) age. This is a batch of Bridle Leather Lined and Raised belts (including the second one ever made) sent in for our Spa treatment. They are all around 5 years old and have seen lots of use. The photo is after a really good dressing with Saphir Renovator with we use a lot for reconditioning - they were looking pretty good before hand but the conditioner...
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