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Hi Guys, Couple of new introductions to to the website. Both of these are part of a collection we're creating using Parisian buckles. First up the Mornington, a cousin to the Aspley and the Stratfield. This is a really nice, beautifully finished rectangular double sided buckle that curves gently around the waist and is designed to sit very flat and smooth against the leather but is a really smart rectangular shape from the front so really good formal buckle. Its...
Great sentiment. Life is to short with things you don't love..
Excellent! There in sprit if not in person :-)
Sad I missed it this time. Next year!
Glad you like it :-)I just realised we hadn't updated the website to show the new delivery of buckles - sorted now, the website is correctly listing the quantity of buckles we have and is allowing a Damascus belt to be configured and bought.Charlie
Hi Guys, Just taken delivery of our latest small batch of 32mm (1 1/4") Damascus buckles from our maker in Japan. After a photo I posted last year I had such a lot of requests the whole batch is has been acid etched to give great contrast for the Damascus markings. This photo is of the buckle that caused the requests, its a buckle I had commissioned for my own use on a custom Gold Barenia...
:-) always happy to help!Charlie
We aim to tempt :-)It can't be done in solid nickel, which is a shame - different foundry than our nickel buckles. There will be a Palladium finished version though in due course which will be rather lovely I thinkCharlie
Done! Quite a few have been reserved now so if anyone else would like one of the first batch of 35mm Stratfields do shout. We plan to keep them in stock as much as we can, they aren't going to be as hard to come by as the Damascus buckles are (we're waiting for a batch to arrive from Japan at the moment and are all sold out) but the Stratfield buckles are all hand made in Paris so they take time and I'm sure demand will exceed supply at times. Its a really elegant buckle...
New Posts  All Forums: