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Its less necessary for our belts than lots of others. Our bridle leather s completely vegetable tanned so the core of the leather is "leather coloured" for want of a better description, it isn't chrome tanned white. There is a certain amount of contrast of course but I think its quite a pleasing one and shows the belts are made of very good leather. Of course its fine to disagree though, hence the dyed holes commented on above :-)Charlie
:-) we aim to please. Glad you like it!Charlie
Its just picking up some colour from the suede in the background I think. The high spots are bright white and the low spots are a darker matt. Very hard to take a picture that represents both the texture and all the colours well!Charlie
Hi All,About 2/3rds of the buckles are now reserved, if you want one shout or you might not get one in this batch! A couple of people have asked if the SF discount can be applied, more than happy to do so as ever.Thanks to all here once again for supporting these low volume runs - its a great way of us getting to work with interesting materials and people, for you guys to get interesting stuff and have input in the development and a great way of supporting the craftspeople...
+1. The first scratch is always the worst. Time and use will turn this into patina and will look amazingCharlie
Hi Guys, Exciting news! Our Damascus buckles have just arrived, finally after many months wait. They are made by a master knife maker who inevitable with good craftspeople has more orders than he has time so they took a while longer than I thought. They arrive in a soft bead blasted finish that we've repolished so the high spots really contrast with the more matt low spots to bring out the Damascus effect, its very pretty. Very hard to capture the subtlety in a photo but...
Theres always the forum discount! StyleForum10% gets you 10% (aren't we imaginative..) of everything in you cart - maybe that'll helpCharlie
Hi All.Last 36 hours of our West End Sale is here - grab a bargain while you can!In other news, our new Bloomsbury belt is now live on the website specifically developed for you guys looking for a narrower belt with a more angular buckle.Charlie
Likewise! My original Scott is worn every day in the workshop, despite the puppy tooth marks etc. I love it - its moulded to me, broken in perfectly and despite me owning what I suspect is the biggest Equus collection (some of you give me a run for it though!) it gets way more use than any of my other beltsCharlie
Glad you like it!The Hazel is a really interesting colour. It's fully aniline and you really see the character of the leather up close. As Cyclonus said it's very difficult to capture the character in a photo but very apparent in personCharlie
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