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Thats sensible - always helps to phsically be able to pair colours to see how they work! The thread samples should have every production colour, likewise the leathers.
No, we only have these in one size at the moment, the 38mm. This is the first run made of this design so we might expand the size range later, no ETA as yet though. The first batch is due in from Japan next week hopefully
We havent got any good swatch photos of the new colours as yet, sorry - must get this done. Very happy to send a set of thread samples so you can see them in person.Quite a few of the Damascus belts are done already and the rest are working their way through the order book at the moment. Remind me your order no by PM though and I'll take a look at the schedule
Hi Guys, We have the first of our Damascus Stratfield buckle on the way. These are for specifically a 38mm strap but will also go on to a 35mm strap More photos to follow Charlie
It was a good deal!The exchange rate is massively in your favour at the moment - £/$ exchange at the moment is at a 31 year low, the 20% coupon has expired now but with the exchange rate + the Styleforum coupon (SF10%) theres some bargains to be had!2 years ago the rate was $1.61 to £1, today its $1.27, so a £70 belt is nearly $30 cheaper for you guys than it was 2 years ago at the moment - take advantage!
Looking forward to seeing these - good to see it in use!Charlie
This was a quick one before it left
Hi Lance,Delighted you like it, and thank you for the kind words, much appreciated. Because of the complexity of the wallet it was somewhat epic design process but very satisfying to turn it into reality - its a part of what I do that I loveCharlie
Hi Guys, Nice blog post and photos of the Lloyd Billfold in full Brandy Ostrich skin here some of you might enjoy http://swisssartorialist.tumblr.com/post/150960307028/equus-leather-ostrich-billfold Charlie
As wearer rather than maker I'd exactly agree. I love the west ends but wear the Strats for smartness
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