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We like dignity, not haste :-)Take a look at the Baranil, I think you'll like it
Quite!No Timascus yet! That is a Brit/US project so no EU implications and I cant blame the Bexiteirs, just slow Brits (both me as designer and my CAD guy!) holding it up! Happy to help with anything else though!
Thank you, much appreciated! The collapse in the pound makes the leather we import from Europe more expensive, but its also a great opportunity for you guys, so its both a good and a bad thing. I cant see the silver lining in the political stuff at the moment though to be honest. We have European staff members, we import a lot of our materials and tools from France and it just seems inexplicable people think this is a good idea - its just deliberately voting ourselves into...
Too soon both for the VAT and the joke :-)
Really all the designs can be just as diverse in leather choices - the card case is one of my favorites though, my everyday carry is a full ostrich version so I used that one as an exampleBack to briefcases!Charlie
The observant amongst you will have noticed the £ is currently in freefall - there hasnt been a cheaper time for you guys outside the UK to buy from us since the 1980s, please do prove there is a silver lining in every cloud and take advantage! I can only assume the same will apply to any of the vendors here who price in £ - great time not to be a Brit.. Charlie
Thanks Justin :-)
Glad you like it :-)Prices for the alligator stuff can vary and are certainly reassuringly expensive, we only buy the best skins, but we try to keep them as sensible as possible and for transparency are all published on the website
We use lots of leathers other than reptiles! In the order book at the moment we have wallets in Goatskin/chèvre, St Crispin calf, Baranil,, Barenia, Alligator and Ostrich. We're bespoke makers and there's rarely such a thing as a standard order. Even just ordering via the website you can build more or less anything you want as well as select from what we have in stockFor eghttp://www.equusleather.co.uk/accessories/equus-handstitched-wallets/the-lloyd-card-case.html
New Posts  All Forums: