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On the subject of Northampton, Im hopefully off on a leather buying trip this week, ideally to pick up some Annonay Vocalou for our Calf Lined and Raised, some one off pieces for Special Editions and some watch strap calfs. Lots of photos will no doubt be taken!In the meantime, just looking through our photos and haven't seen these for little while, Aus Nut and Oxford Tan are a great combo...
On the subject of West Ends, a couple of pictures for a Saturday evening :-) http://www.equusleather.co.uk/belts/bridle-leather-belts.html Charlie
No photos, but a not great compilation of videos of some of the making of the Rentetsu. We're going to recut and edit it, but the current version is herehttps://www.facebook.com/201153461216/videos/vb.201153461216/10152822413066217/?type=2&theaterCharlie
Again, thank you, much appreciated :-)
Thanks guys, appreciated. One of the best things about our membership here is that we can explain what, how and why we do thingsCharlie
We addressed prices rises a bit at the time they were made, but yes there are several reasons. My last post above is really the perfect example of the main one1) Leather prices are rising, rising and then rising some more. We buy literally the best leathers in the world from literally the best tanneries in the world. Theres no marketing hyperbole there, we buy the best regardless of the price and the price is a lot. As a result for some of our leathers (and buckles) we...
Guys, bit of a heads up. Not unexpectedly when I spoke to Tannerie Haas earlier today they say the soonest I can even put an order in for some Barenia of any colour is late Summer. Since Hermes bought them some time ago Ive expected it to be become difficult or impossible to buy from them but up to now haven't had a problem. We may get more and we may not but I'd say if your thinking of buying or commissioning something in Barenia either from us or anyone else I'd think...
Todays output! Not the most amazing photo, just a quick snap. We have two Panerai straps, one in Oak Brown oak bark tanned bridle leather and one in Gold Barenia. The Oak Brown with Orange Lin Cable is a nice combo. The narrower strap is Maroon goatskin with Soil Lin Cable. All now winging their way to new owners now. Next batch starting tomorrow! Charlie
PS this photo shows one of our new dust bags we've been trialling - more photos soon!Charlie
:-) We'll get there! That spec sounds like it would be a good photographic model as well, though the bridle leather straps are by far the worse to photograph. Drop me a PM with your order no and I'll give you an accurate estimate if wait time remaining.Charlie
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