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Available now - The Alligator Watch Strap is live on the website. http://www.equusleather.co.uk/watch-straps/alligator-watch-strap/alligator-watch-strap.html Those who are Non-EU based unfortunately have to pay a small fee for a CITES permit for exporting - but it's less than what you save on VAT and of course you can still use your SF10% discount code with it too. We've tried to absorb some of the cost, but couldn't take the full hit. Hope you like it - more colours to...
We havent quite sorted pricing because we havent totally established the cost of the CITES licencing. Within the EU is a bit easier but we need to apply for a licence per strap for any leaving Europe. Its doable but we want to make sure they are all completely legal so people dont have customs or resale problems. Id say around £250 per strap though as an estimate - very much still to be confirmed though!Charlie
Hi All, Weve had various newcoming leathers this week, mostly for small leathergoods, watch straps and wallets The first of the production Alligators. This is a glazed Dark Brown - beautiful skin. Other colours and finishes shortly! Lovely Fench Goat for wallets. Vegetable tanned and fully aniline.. Charlie
Great colour! I really love how leathers like this age!
Ah! I did wonder if the owner was a SFer! Really glad you like it :-)Both are good suggestions! We do do different coloured lacing from time to time, everything is custom made so its not a problem to do. The only tricky bit is I think both leathers should have the same edge colour, so we cant do London Tan and Black for eg, We sould get the option on the website really!Very happy to place the logo at the tip on request, or after the stitching which also works wellI...
We are running a special November promotion - buy any belt and get 25% off The West End. The discount is automatically applied when you add your belts to the cart. Also - today (20th November) is the last day that our customers in the USA and Canada can order from us and have guaranteed delivery in time for Christmas. (This doesn't include any of our Lined & Raised belts or Watch Straps - the deadline for these has passed). Any queries - just ask! *The offer ends on...
Good stuff :-) You'll like the Rose Gold when we photograph it as well!Yes, 23 is dark Oxblood and the 31 is a redder version. Both very nice! We can send samples if it helps though?Charlie
Hi Guys Just a few photos from the last couple of days. First up is the next prototype in the "Lloyd" wallet family we're developing. This is a minimal card case, two card slots on each side plus a central pocket. The prototype is in British Racing Green goatskin with Beige Lin Cable. The other wallet shown is the inspiration for the whole series, my Grandfathers wallet from the 50s Next up is one of our Special Edition Rustical Lined and Raiseds, this one is in 40mm...
Theres nothing more important to the whole than the detail!
I agree on both counts. Actually the only reason we haven't a mid brown yet is I haven't found the perfect shade. I love mid brown so I want to get it just rightCharlie
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