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Watch this space!
Yes definitely. Likely several variants from burgundy to flame red I think. It's a skin that captures intense colours really well
It is, but a greater variation of grain/scale across a piece depending on how its cut so in some ways more interesting. Alligator is the next project..Charlie
Thank you! The outer layer is Ostrich leg cut across the skin to give a cross section of the grains, the stitching is Royal Blue lin cable to pick up the highlights in the Ostrich and the lining is terracotta grained goatskin. The Ostrich is a new leather for us, I'm just putting together an order for a dozen or so colours as we speak.Charlie
Hi All, Just to prove we dont only working in Bridle leather... Charlie
Hi All, Couple of customer photos for you. This is an Oxford Tan watch strap with custom curved end for a customers Bremont, As Made in Britain fans its a rather satisfying as the watch is also made here :-) Charlie
TheAs Ozzy said, pretty much all our stuff is bespoke, so if you can think it up we can likely make it for you :-)The Special Edition buckles (currently the Rentetsu and Damascus buckles) we sell individually, the buckle you select on the website is physically the exact buckle you'll get so the website will only let you choose a buckle we have right now. We only have the a couple of the Bakers leather listed but thats just a design suggestion - not a problem to use any of...
Thank you :-)
Interesting. The Saphir Neetsfoot is what we use. Great for outdoor leather but darkens significantly.Charlie
The number 1 tip for darkening London Tan a little is sunlight and use and time. It'll go a rich light/mid brown with time, its a lovely shade but it does take time to achieve.To speed up things there are various things you can do. The Sedgwick Leather feed certainly helps along the patination process. Neetsfoot will significantly change the colour and is a one way process - do it with caution! If you dont like the colour you'll be stuck with it. Bakers London Tan will...
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