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Hi All, We're back from our break! Batteries recharged after some great scenery! We were on the Isle of Skye - thoroughly recomend it to anyone visiting the UK As has become traditional a little sale to celebrate our wedding anniversary, the reason we were away. Given Dawn and I founded the company it seems appropriate the company celebrate it too! The coupon PARIS20 will get you 20% of any of our Parisian collection, valid until the 12 midnight UK time...
Hi Guys, Just had some nice customer photos of an Oak Brown watch strap made using oak bark tanned bridle leather from J & FJ Baker in Devon we've made on a Breitling Transcend I thought Id share - nice watch and always nice to see our work in action. Dawn and I are off on holiday for a week - the team is still beavering away but you wont get a response here or by email quite as quickly for a few days so bear with us :-) Charlie
Hi All Another photo, Novonappa Stratfield strap with Orange Lin Cable hand stitching. Great combo with the Palladium finished buckle Charlie
Hi Guys, Havent posted any photos for a little while, so here's a quick few from the last couple of weeks in the workshop Lovely Patek Phillippe deployment on a Barenia strap Custom 3/4" wide Italian Calf L&R Australian Nut Bridle Leather Lined and Raised with Oxford Tan Lining - always a great combo Hazel Bridle Leather watch strap with Orange Lin Cable, really pleasing combination We're working on a the first of the Rusticalf straps right now so we'll try...
Yup, I love my Scotts. My every day in the workshop belt is the first Scott ever made and its got better and better over time - I love it, despite me having shrunk three holes since I bought it!Charlie
Its much lighter than the Scott, a light tan. A little darker than the Bakers London Tan and lighter than the Oak Brown - as ever very happy to send samples!In terms of durability, really either this or the Scott should last forever so in use there may well be no practical difference in longevoty. The formulation for the Shackleton produces a firmer leather though, so if you want dense weight bearing harness leather this is the one. We try and have the Scott leather...
Yup, should be able to. We've made quite a few JLC straps over the years - each one is made for the watch its for so no problem customising them!Charlie
Hi Guys, We're launching a new belt today! This is the second in our series paying tribute to the great British explorers, the first was the Scott, this time its the Shackleton. On this day in 1914 the expedition led by Sir Ernest Shackleton left British waters, so it seemed today is a good day to launch the belt! The expedition culminated in one of the greatest fetes of human endurance, a 700 mile open boat journey across the Southern Ocean and South Atlantic after their...
Indeed :-)
Horween photograpic sample! Quite a bright colour and a somewhat fashion forward casual belt as a result - I rather like it though. There are three or four other interesting shades as well. No ETA as yet but a Special Edition in due course!This would be for a belt in this styleCharlie
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