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Yup. Sedgwick really only tan and finish thicker stuff though, they aren't like Horween or one of the big European tanneries like Haas that cover multiple sectors of the leather trade. They stick to what they know and as a result make world class leather but they have quite a narrow focus so are somewhat rigid to deal with!We'll expand our calf range thats under development in due course, that will give us access to a lot more colours as well.Charlie
At some point we'll commission a custom colour to be made up - we need to buy a lot of the colour (£thousands) to do it though so we haven't up to now. maybe we should do an SF project again!There isn't really a good reason it isn't available technically. However bridle leather is just that, the tanners make it for bridles and saddlery for horses. A lot of makers, not least us, us it for all sorts of things, belts, briefcases etc etc because its lovely leather with...
Tack rooms do smell amazing! I'm nearly immune to the smell of the workshop now unless Ive been away for a few days in which case the leather smell is much more apparent, or if Im opening an order of leather.The Bakers leathers in particular have their own individual smells. The Bakers Oak Brown and London Tan for instance have subtly different smells to each other despite being twins in all but colour. The Dark Stain and the Australian Nut are different again, in...
Extremely cool!
yes, 5 weeks or so depending on the leather, buckle etcCharlie
Yup! We use oval holes specifically sized for the tounge of the buckle the belt will use. An oval hole is much better than a round hole, you can use a smaller neater hole for a given size of tounge as the oval holes allow the tounge to sit nicely, you'd have to use a much bigger cruder looking round hole to achieve the same effect. Its a much harder tool to use though, because its an oval shape its much easier to make a mess of a line of holes than with a round punch.Charlie
A 35" belt with 5 holes at 1" will have an overall length of 41", obviously with the last hole at 37". The belt is perfectly functional on the last hole, however the pattern is really designed to be worn on the middle three holes. The tail will be quite short, thats fine for a short term thing, probably not visually great for long term use though. If you like one solution would be to order a size that fits now and we can always alter it later for you. Assuming its 3" too...
Really good photo, thank you :-)Charlie
Hi Guys, Thought I'd share a couple of photos of a recent commission. This is a heavyweight strap specifically made for a chunky Breitling with very deep lugs. An interesting excercise in making a strap thats big enough for a big watch thats still comfortable, tactile and nice to wear. Charlie
DiDifficult to be precise without knowing how many more inches you plan to use. A 35" with 7 holes at 1" will go up to 38" and down to 32", I'd say that might be a good compromise? Alternatively if you get a 37" it could always be shortened if you run out of holes so your back in the middle?Charlie
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