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Well, hopefully some of the guys will chip in!In the meantime though, I know quite a few people are using the Bridle Leather Lined and Raised with jeans. The Bridle version is pretty hefty, 5.5mm in the centre so I think they go really well with heavier shoes or boots and jeans. We dont tend to use the Bakers leathers for them, though its not 100% impossible - drop me an email and we can chat through your idea if you like?Charlie
Temporary glitch! Ive sorted it, thank you for the heads-up and sorry for the inconvenience!Thank you also for the congrats! Both much appreciatedCharlie
Yes, Im discovering the new normal :-)Thank you to all for the good wishes, they're much appreciatedCharlie
Thanks guys, much appreciated :-)Thanks! Sleep deprivation will rule in your household Im sure too then!Charlie
No - will do shortly though! All is going somewhat slowly right now as Dawn and I have just had our first child and we tend to do all that kind of stuff between us. Bear with us whilst normality return!
Well, we aim to tempt :-)Glad you like it - we make the films in part to explain a process we love, in part to promote the craft, and of course in part to tempt! The next one is in the works right now, they take a lot of work to go from idea to reality and our guys that produce them put in a huge amount of hours behind the scenes turning the raw footage into something useful
Thank you! Its always tricky to come up with a colour scheme for a Speedy that isnt black with white thread - I think the mid brown goes well
Hi Guys, More watch shots! Chocolate brown safari alligator with Beige lin cable made with quick release pins and to fit the Omega deployant Charlie
Nice action shot kindly sent in by a customer, I thought the watch people might enjoy it This is an oak bark tanned bridle leather watch strap made specifically to fit the original Rolex clasp Charlie
Exchange rate is awful, even bearing mind your house prices are much better than ours not a great time to convert £ savings into $ housing! A nice ranch in Montana would be rather nice though!
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