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I'm glad its doing well :-)The Bridle Leather L&R is too thick for the Stratfield design Im afraid. We do plan to have Calf straps for the Stratfield in due course though, we can then create an L&R thats around 3 1/2mm thick in total (or a lot less potentially) that'll work. In Bridle leather it would have to be one of the single thickness straps.Sorry!Charlie
My pleasure, glad to help!Charlie
Hi Dillon,I guess the buckle that'll be best for you first of all depends which look you prefer, the single sided Aspley, very traditional buckle shape and style or the double sided Stratfield. Both will work great in the circumstances you want, they will do smart/smart casual with ease.If you wear a true 31" trouser Id go for 33" as a max and you could even go for a 32" if you plan to loose some weight. The belts all come with 5 or 7 holes (depending on the configuration...
Gaitor for watch straps initially, though we're quality checking the samples we have first of all so not in production as yet. Maybe belts in due course though! Photos as soon as we've made some samples!I'm planning a series of calf belts and straps, probably for the Stratfield buckle first of all using the Rusticalf grains but we need to get the formal Calf L&R done first. Again, photos shortly :-)Charlie
Well we have Black and Oxblood Annonay Vocalou arriving next week for our Calf L&R! I picked the leather myself, 7 hours of driving but worth it to select the pieces we get myself. I also picked up a very small amount of Alligator in Black and Chocolate and found some lovely 1mm St Crispin veg tan Calf that'll make great formal watch straps. I saw but didnt buy a whole batch of Annonay Rusticalf in various grains that we potentially have access to for Special...
Many thanks Riva :-)
I've never thought one needs an excuse to buy lovely things, it's an investment, right? :-) Graduation sounds like a great excuse if you want an excuse though, something that'll last to commemorate the day!
Hi Guys, Few more photos from yesterdays work. This is our Sedgwick Bridle Leather watch strap in Dark Havanna with Beige Lin Cable hand stitching with a polished finish RHD Deployant fitted. The straps are around 3.75mm thick at the watch tapering down to 2.3mm for the hole and point end of the strap so thick enough to have the heft for a good size automatic watch and last well but thin enough where necessary to be nice to live...
Thats a spectacular idea, Im amazed Ive never thought of it. Watch out for an addition to the website :-)More photos of the last few days work, more coming tomorrow. This is an Oak Brown watch strap sitting in the spring sun looking lovely as ever. Its a beautiful leather.http://www.equusleather.co.uk/watch-straps/bridle-leather-watch-straps/oak-brown-bridle-leather-watch-strap.htmlCharlie
Sorted :-)Leaving tomorrow!Charlie
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