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Hi All, We have some Valentines gifts for you if you are lacking inspiration! We made up half a dozen of our key fobs a couple of days ago in Lavendar, Flame and Rugged Ostrich leg ready to go and can be anywhere in the world in time if you select DHL shipping! Some have already gone but we have a few in each colour left. The SF10% coupon will get you 10% off as ever! http://www.equusleather.co.uk/accessories/key-fobs/the-ostrich-key-fob.html Charlie
Great stuff, always good to have well recieved work! Really glad you like it!Charlie
Thank you, Its a really nice little watch. We seem to do more and more vintage stuff - quite time consuming but very rewarding bring classics back to life, in particular when they are family pieces.This is one of my favourites to date. Absolutely glorious watch, one I would have loved to keep. I think Id have used a thinner leather if it was for me, but the Barenia is totally in keeping with vintage stuff after some use.Charlie
Hi Guys, Sorry we havent done a great job keeping the thread updated recently! Run of our feet post Christmas but we've had some interesting work to do over the last little while Here's a briefcase strap we've made for a member here to replace an existing one that broke, cant remember the origin of the case but not one from anyone here! Only quick snapshots before it went in the post. This is a lovely fixed bar Rolex we mad a strap for for a good customer of ours....
As Astaroth says there can be huge differences in the quality of materials, construction, price and markup, just like in all things. All the usual caveats apply to watch straps as the watches themselves, you get what you pay for but more in some cases than other, given research you'll find you have a personal sweet spot in the Venn diagram of factors. The quickest but most expensive method of finding it is keep buying straps til you get what you want, the slowest version...
Thanks Justin :-)
Thanks Morgan :-)
Thank you Lance, thats kind of you to say :-)In some aspects Ostrich horrifies me, its pretty much as in your face as possible that its an exotic, but actually the colour, feel, grain and ageing abilities are such that the more we work with it the more I love it. Maybe not a leather for everyone but if you love it you really really love it I think. I can see this bag being beautiful in a dark Alligator though, maybe next version..Charlie
Hi All, Speaking of exotics, heres some prototyping we've just finished. The brown bag in the last photo is the basis of the design and was my Great Grandfathers. 100% hand stitched as ever. Charlie
Glad you like them! We're definitely planning to offer belts in all the exotics. We haven't started work on the prototypes yet, now we have the supply of leather sorted we're concentrating on watch straps, wallets and bags in them first, but we'll definitely get thereCharlie
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