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Hi All, We've had one Rentetsu for a 1 5/8" strap released from a placeholder, so available to buy. Its a nice one! Slightly lighter patina than some of them and really good Mokume effect Its on the website as buckle no 6 http://www.equusleather.co.uk/belts/special-edition-belts/the-rentetsu-belt.html Charlie
It might be, it just depends on the buckle style and construction. Send me a photo and I'll take a look. Im actually going to a meeting of Artist Blacksmiths this weekend to recruit an English buckle maker to work with. I love the stuff we're bring in from Japan and we're going to keep doing it but we also have a big tradition of great iron work here in the UK as well so I'd like to be able to produce some Special Editions showcasing great metalwork from here as well. We...
Its StyleForum10% or theres a short code of SF10% as well, both should work. It should be on the bottom of any of our adds on here as well :-)
Is fair to say thats one of the more expensive combinations we make... I am the guilty party in this case, its my belt, though there is one other in existence. The history of this belt was that it was used as a sample for a luxury goods industry thing we did last year so I used the acid-etched buckled Id commissioned and made the belt in my size and so I could snaffle it afterwards to go with the watch strap and wallet. It hasn't seen much use yet though so no interesting...
I lied about no more Barenia photos - this is a belt to illustrate the construction. In due course these will be on the website with the Parisian buckles, the Damascus buckles and a version for the Stratfield belt kit Charlie
Interesting question.Bridle leather is robust, really quite weatherproof given leather feed and comes in a reasonable colour range. It ages well but not to the same spectacular degree. Its beautiful when new as well as when old. Critically in order to really be bridle leather it is in the 3 - 4mm thick range. That means it can be used in a single layer which makes for a simple, long-lived product (decades is common) that therefore is reasonably affordable particularly over...
Just had another very quick look through the photos I'd taken earlier. I think this one shows how well the calf burnishes and the richness and complexity of colour it develops. As you can see from the Barenia the wallet is sitting on its quite flat and matt when its new but not at all with use. Anyway, enough Barenia photos for one day :-) Charlie
Good stuff and good point :-)Charlie
I do :-)One of the nicest and most interesting things about it is its ability to integrate marks into its patina. I thought I'd ruined the wallet the other day moving some furniture. I had my wallet in a trouser pocket and must have had something heavy resting on it through the fabric. It was really scraped and looked awful which made me much sadder than sanity would suggest (I've been watching the colour develop for months!) but the marks rubbed out in a few days and...
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