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this is interesting and new to me. would you care to elaborate?
Styling advise sought: I've got a jacket like this click (cone mills raw denim) with quite light fading so far. Now, I just bought a pair of jeans in a similar shade and can see my self wanting to wear both all the time. how do I tone down the double denim look? What do I wear to not look too archaic? Edit: photographic or clickable advise is very welcome. Thank you.
my wife's latest: my own latest:
I don't know how this will affect the indigo, but the standard procedure for wine spills is to soak the spot properly and the sprinke with salt to absorb the thinned out wine. it works really well. as for the denim, I think I would rather loose a little indigo colour in the area now than having an odd red spot appear. no use in machine washing yet imho.
you can hang them from the hem with only the waist submerged in hot water. I just tested this on a pair of old jeans and it will shrink the waist took out less than an inch though and they've stretched half way back after a weeks worth of wear. ymmw.
railcar fine goods spikes x009 vs tellason 16.5 oz any thoughts?
I've recently tried on a pair of Pike Brothers jeans and they really tickled an itch for new denim. They were just about perfect in all aspects, including especially the price, and I would have bought them if it were not for the fact that the smallest size was still about a size and a half too big. And sanforized, bummer. So after a lot of online research, I think I know what I want. requirements: indigo raw selvedge at least 15oz, more is welcome. 29" waist post...
^^ + ^^^ on one pompetamine. 8,602g fixed gear disc cross bike. currently with cobble cross tyres. aa-and it's done! :
my current project:
I actually think they might do it. on another note. boots are tough to break in. I've been wearing my moissacs almost exclusively for about two weeks and they're still stiff as a very stiff thing. and they eat shoelaces for breakfast.
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