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anyone going back and mind proxying for me?
Damn, was about to cop a size 10 in black and they sold out.
anyone going to sale and want to proxy a few things? $$ for your time
Anyone willing to proxy?
Not much left at Reborn - decent denim selection (Acne, Nudies) left for your girlfriends/wives/mistresses. Picked up a pair of Acne denim for 50$. As for the men's selection, not much left there. A few Assembly brand shirts, and not much else left.
Just wondering if anyone has passed by Reborn for their closing sale and can give any information as to what they have in stock? If not I'll pass by tomorrow and give an update!
w&h over at gilt.
Last time I went was awhile ago, but they had a tiny corner dedicated to mens clothing, and the rest of the store was entirely devoted to women. They had some Ralph Lauren, 2-3 pieces of EG, and some Mackage coats. If you're in the area, it doesn't hurt to pass by, but traveling for that sole purpose I don't think is worth your time.
160 to start it off!
Last time I was there I didn't see any pairs of CPs, just a few pairs of Lanvin, Prada, and Cole Haan from what I remember. I do remember seeing a pair of black achilles at Heritage/Ibiki, but that was a while ago. Can always request that ssense ship them to the store and you can try them on there. Reborn usually carries them, but I haven't been in a while and they haven't updated their site either.
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