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50 additional dollars on the 40$ shipping from boylston.
Passed by Les Etoffes and Michel Brisson yesterday. Sales at Les Etoffes varied from 20% to 60% on some items. Had a nice Petar Petrov parka 60% off 495 if I remember right. Brisson I didn't come across anything great. Had some nice Dries pants but they were still too pricey even with a 20% off. Just wondering, besides these two places and Holt's, anywhere else in the city that stocks Wings+Horns?
Anyone hit up Michel Brisson or Les Etoffes recently? Haven't had the chance to stop by yet and was wondering if their sales were worth checking out.
COMMON PROJECTS Sample Sale at NEWS Today at 10:00am until May 19 at 6:00pm News Showroom 495 Broadway, 5th Floor New York, NY 10012 Any feedback? Taken directly from the facebook event.
willing to let the denim go for cheap.
Price down to 60$, shipping included!
n&f (naked&famous) would probably be your best bet. can also take a look at unbranded (same jeans brought to you by the team at n&f). also, you should be asking these questions in the jean thread.
Hey guys, as title mentions, I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in purchasing any of these rarely worn jeans. I don't have any of my own pictures at the moment but if there is interest I'd try and get some. The models are as follows: DSquared Slim fit waxed blue jeans size 52(36). Purchased from ssense for 615$ (may still have receipt). These jeans have not been worn more than 10 times. APC New Standard size 34 in black. Purchased 2 years ago from Holts in...
So reborn (reborn.ws) is having their semi-annual warehouse sale this coming Saturday. They'll be carrying brands like Arc'teryx, Nudies, Filippa K, Acne, and a bunch more. Has anyone from here ever been before and know what to expect?
Price dropped down to 80.
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