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Price down to 60$, shipping included!
n&f (naked&famous) would probably be your best bet. can also take a look at unbranded (same jeans brought to you by the team at n&f). also, you should be asking these questions in the jean thread.
Hey guys, as title mentions, I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in purchasing any of these rarely worn jeans. I don't have any of my own pictures at the moment but if there is interest I'd try and get some. The models are as follows: DSquared Slim fit waxed blue jeans size 52(36). Purchased from ssense for 615$ (may still have receipt). These jeans have not been worn more than 10 times. APC New Standard size 34 in black. Purchased 2 years ago from Holts in...
So reborn (reborn.ws) is having their semi-annual warehouse sale this coming Saturday. They'll be carrying brands like Arc'teryx, Nudies, Filippa K, Acne, and a bunch more. Has anyone from here ever been before and know what to expect?
Price dropped down to 80.
As titled above, up for sale is a rarely worn (maybe twice?) CDG shirt from the Play collection. Price includes shipping. Reason I am selling it is that it does not get any wear and has been sitting in my closet collecting dust. Inner tags have been cut off as they were annoyingly rubbing against my skin. Shirt is 100% authentic. Image is not mine, but is exactly the same shirt that I am selling. Please message me if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks!
Anyone come across any good deals? Won't get the chance to go out today because of work.
Ahh, never across any I guess. Did they start this season or has it been happening for quite a while now?
Passed by the Simons in laval and noticed they were now carrying Boris Bidjan leathers (well 1 model). Was kind of surprised, especially as it's not the downtown location, where they'd probably have an easier time selling it.
Own these and I love them to death. Good luck with the sale.
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