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i have a hard time believing the bay in montreal carries apc
Was at Holt today, and I didn't come across any APC. Only saw W+H, Nudies, True Religion, 7, and a few other denim brands. I believe http://www.inheritanceshopmontreal.com/ might have, however you're best off giving them a call beforehand.Also just want to give a shoutout to Les Etoffes, definitely one of the better stores in the Montreal region.
hey, was just wondering if you guys did gift cards? i can't seem to find any on the site if you do.
anyone interested in a grey pair of chukkas from last season size 11? they're brand new.
^ what he said.
Just wanted to once again express my feelings towards your store. You guys are one of the best e-boutiques, and I will continue to support you guys. Also, are you planning on updating any of the women's collections?
wondering if anyone was interested in a size 11 chukka boot in grey?
Purchased from them in the past, bought a pair of rachel comey sneakers. didn't have any issues regarding duty fees if that's what you're wondering and the package arrived fairly quickly.
APC New Standard size 34 in black. Purchased 2 years ago from Holts in Montreal. Retail was at 250 or so. They show little signs of wear. Have been through a cold wash. Price is also negotiable. I'm trying to offload items as I no longer wear them and I'm trying to fund a new purchase for school. I apologize for the terrible quality of the photos.
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