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great work on the new design.
stopped by savoie fils today, neat little store on st viateur. unfortunately most of the knitwear that i was interested in was sold out in my size. afterwards dropped by les etoffes, only thing that caught my eye was a silent cardigan.
so any good sales happening around the city? going to head out later this week and was wondering if there were any places in particular i should stop by.
i have a hard time believing the bay in montreal carries apc
Was at Holt today, and I didn't come across any APC. Only saw W+H, Nudies, True Religion, 7, and a few other denim brands. I believe http://www.inheritanceshopmontreal.com/ might have, however you're best off giving them a call beforehand.Also just want to give a shoutout to Les Etoffes, definitely one of the better stores in the Montreal region.
hey, was just wondering if you guys did gift cards? i can't seem to find any on the site if you do.
anyone interested in a grey pair of chukkas from last season size 11? they're brand new.
^ what he said.
Just wanted to once again express my feelings towards your store. You guys are one of the best e-boutiques, and I will continue to support you guys. Also, are you planning on updating any of the women's collections?
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