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The Rocado burgundy on the site is beautiful. Too bad it's oos.
Thank you both!
Looking for a scarf for a female friend. Does anyone have any brand recommendations and shops that carry them? Thanks!
2 or 3 (but probably 2)
Let's have a holiday coffee exchange!
For the Canadians on the board, Harry Rosen's private sale is beginning as of tomorrow. In store only for now.
Always fun to watch
Damn you New Yorkers get all the good stuff! Also, saw that Common Projects have been added to the sample sale list for The News Showroom. If anyone is stopping by report back with some details
Brand new with tags still attached Canada Goose jackets for sale. I have the following: Chilliwack Navy (Large) - 500$ Selkirk Parka Black (Medium) - 530$ Chilliwack White (Large) - 500$ Shipping is 30$. Message me if interested! Also have women's coats - Victoria Parka Red (Small) - 530$ Victoria Parka Purple (Small) - 530$
New Posts  All Forums: