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your link redirects us to this page
Samuelsohn is having their friends and family event next week; pants starting at 35$, blazers at 75$, suits at 150$. I'm planning on going so if you know what you want, let me know!
Received a 15% coupon from Rooney, first person to pm me gets it!
Yep, saw people tearing through unopened pallets to find some. Resellers already have them listed on CL/Kijiji at 300$.in store.
For anyone into fragrances, Costco Canada have had 120ml bottles of Aventus for 58.99$ the last few days with semi-recurrent restocks happening.
damn, great suggestions. thanks!
something akin to a mismo tote. just would like to weigh the various options before proceeding with one.
Anyone come across any nice tote bags at a decent price? Or have any suggestions for any at full retail?
Some nice prices at on Lemaire pieces. Don't forget these are in CAD
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