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Received a 15% coupon from Rooney, first person to pm me gets it!
Yep, saw people tearing through unopened pallets to find some. Resellers already have them listed on CL/Kijiji at 300$.in store.
For anyone into fragrances, Costco Canada have had 120ml bottles of Aventus for 58.99$ the last few days with semi-recurrent restocks happening.
damn, great suggestions. thanks!
something akin to a mismo tote. just would like to weigh the various options before proceeding with one.
Anyone come across any nice tote bags at a decent price? Or have any suggestions for any at full retail?
Some nice prices at https://michelbrisson.com/ on Lemaire pieces. Don't forget these are in CAD
happened on mr. p, and it was unfortunate because it happened with two shirts.
Wasn't aware that mother of pearl buttons were considered exotic and any products with them could not be shipped to Canada.
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