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sign up for their newsletter, there's an upcoming sale happening on the 20th.
same here - looking for some barena, eg, and gv
the saddest part of that entire site is that they recently redesigned it and that result was the best version of whatever concept they came up with.
COS is owned by H&M. Quality is definitely superior to H&M and the fit of the clothing leans closer to the slim side than the more standard.
your link redirects us to this page
Samuelsohn is having their friends and family event next week; pants starting at 35$, blazers at 75$, suits at 150$. I'm planning on going so if you know what you want, let me know!
Received a 15% coupon from Rooney, first person to pm me gets it!
Yep, saw people tearing through unopened pallets to find some. Resellers already have them listed on CL/Kijiji at 300$.in store.
For anyone into fragrances, Costco Canada have had 120ml bottles of Aventus for 58.99$ the last few days with semi-recurrent restocks happening.
New Posts  All Forums: