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what he said!
Received my tie today, and just wanted to say a big thank you to McKriss. I absolutely love it.
Had I not just picked up a suit from Samuelsohn, I would have been extremely tempted by your new line. Looking forward to the new products - any idea when other products will be released?
Stopped by Simons earlier today, they've started with their drops on designer clothing - still quite a big selection left, so get there quickly before it all sells out. Discounts varied between 30% to 50%.
ssense sale starts tonight at 6pm est, up to 50% off.
Stopped by ssense at around noon. Either I got there too late and missed out on all the goodies, or it was just filled with crap. Most of it was remnants from their members only site (prive), lots of Cheap Monday, Diesel, etc. Overall a waste of time. Also went to the WANT warehouse sale just a few blocks south of where ssense was holding theirs. Labels stocked were Arcteryx Veilance, SWIMS, Nudie, James Perse. Much better than ssense's offerings, but very limited in...
Yeah, I'll most likely be passing by sometime in the early morning. I'll post an update in the evening!
Montreal doesn't really have a counterpart to SoHo, however each borough tends to have a few shops that you can visit. If you like Rooney, you might also like Savoie Fils. Haven't been recently but from experience I've seen lots of Norse Projects, Reigning Champ, Steven Alan, and a few local labels. One cool thing about Savoie is that it is half boutique/half coffee shop, and the coffee there is pretty good (next door is also Saint-Viateurs, where you can get some of the...
If someone is planning on hitting up the W+H/RC sale, let me know, I need a proxy and willing to pay$$$.
anyone going back and mind proxying for me?
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