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Strong. I'd wear every one of these.
Drkshdw edition of the sailboats?
Just got these in, and I'm so disappointed. Love them, but they're unfortunately too small. I have another pair of A1923 trainers in a 45, and they are almost too big. These fit very small though - probably best for a 44 or so. I'd love to trade for a 46 if by some crazy chance anyone had a pair. I'd be open to other trades in the 45 range too, or clothes in the XL/XXL/54/56 range. I'd like to see quickly otherwise, so make an offer if you're interested.
These seems so weird to me. ROs fit me so much bigger, and especially wider, than CP or MMM. I can barely squeeze into a 46 in those, but a 45 in Ricks has plenty of room.
Not Bo Jacksons - they were outdoor basketball shoes. Air Raids. Great shoe none the less.
I'd agree on Lanvins. And Ricks run even wider in my experience.
Can anyone with a pair of A1923 trainers comment on how durable the soles are? Just got a pair and trying to decide if I should protect them. I'd rather not, but if they wear down super fast like Ricks do or something, I'd consider it.
You probably won't find the black ones on sale. Those are available every season. Most, if not all, of the other colors seem to go on sale though.
I'm looking for a pair of grey boots, preferably lace-up, but would be interested in seeing anything. Let me know if anyone has anything to offer. Thanks!
I've found that CPs are plenty long, but pretty narrow.As for Ricks, they fit me very wide. I can go down a full size.
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