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Yes or no? It seems like a piece I'd have to try on to see if I like, but it's final sale so I'm thinking I should pass. https://www.shopacrimony.com/mens/outerwear/jackets/odyn-vovk-panel-jacket
Yes or no? It seems like a piece I'd have to try on to see if I like, but it's final sale so I'm thinking of passing.
PM for measurements; prices are negotiable and conus shipping is included MMM f/w 10 Extra long sleeve Turtleneck Sweater Size: Medium (fits small) Condition: 9/10; only been worn once and other than that everything is perfect Retailed for $525, Asking $220 shipped conus obo Only time it's ever been on a hanger was for this picture NSF f/w 10 Grey Sweater Size: Small (fits tts) Condition 8/10; been worn a few times and washed once but has been...
I need a last minute dinner jacket (and yeah, I guess this is technically MC but I really don't share their aesthetic). So far (looking at yoox) my options are: http://www1.yoox.com/item/YOOX/C%27N...L/sts/sr_men80 or [i]http://www1.yoox.com/item/YOOX/PIERR...Q/sts/sr_men80 Or alternatively, if anyone has any ideas where I can cop a sub-$450ish dinner jacket in a 36R I'm all ears.
What's the inseam on the vince shorts?
Quote: Originally Posted by Knisse A quick sizing question, if a wear a Lanvin 5 in lows and a eu40 in MMM low gats, would i take a 40 or a 39 in low achilles? Go for a 39. I'm a 45 in gats and a 44 in achilles.
Sans VAT they're $325. Which I'll agree is still pretty overpriced, however I'm impatient and sitting on some disposable income so really that's not too much of an issue. And I definitely agree on the Lanvins; they'd rarely see daylight and I kind of just want a luxe sneaker I can beat around in. Definitely leaning toward the CPs at this point. Quote: Originally Posted by DLester That is too much $ for CP achilles lows. They are good sneakers but can...
I'm in the mood to blow some money on a new pair of sneakers. Toss up between CP Achilles, MMMs, or Lanvins (in navy). I feel like the CPs would be the easiest to wear as an everyday summer shoe. The only thing keeping me from copping them is that I already have a pair of the black cap toe lows that have been my go-to sneaker for a couple months now and I kind of want to change it up. The MMMs I'm very much on the edge about because of the color, and while I've been...
Hi, I'm selling a pair of white painted mmm gat lows in a size 45. I just got these the other day and decided that they're not really my style. They've only been lightly worn around for a day, so they're practically new. Comes with box. Style can be seen here SOLD
Anyone interested in a pair of white painted low mmm gats in a 45 before I put them on B&S? They're pretty much new-I've only worn them around for about a day.
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