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thanks guys. So no one has the wallace pin dot shirt?
yah but the lunar sole doesnt have great durability, even tho it is very comfortable.
waist is about the same as others have said...not too much of a difference in thighs but the rise could be different depending on the wash. Like others have sid if you are in pretty good shape you should prob stick to the same size. I have decided to stick with slim fit from now on since the taper much better than the low straights.
whats up guys? Does anyone have the tonal oxford shirts? Any opinions on it? Thinking about grabbing the blue one http://www.jcrew.com/mens_feature/theliquorstore/shirts/PRDOVR~93060/99102848670/ENE~1+2+3+22+4294967294+20~~~20+16~90~~~~~~~/93060.jsp Also, thinking about grabbing the wallace and barnes vintage pindot...
Sold em bro but I have another pair for sale but they are a washed version
Wore these lightly 5 or 6 times...ended up being too big for me. Selvedge denim and the typical great quality expected from RRL denim. In perfect condition, actually I still have the tags for these if you want them just let me know. Measurements BIG style Waist: 17 Thigh: 12 Inseam 33 Leg opening: 8 $90 80 70 SHIPPED in the CONUS Pm me with any questions.
lol at thinking your gonna gain 10lbs of muscle in a few months...lucky to gain that in a few years
lol im serious man..when i walk i hear like a popping nose from the denim from like the seat area.
You think your proportions are messed up? haha im 5ft8 165 witha 42" chest, 31" waist, and 40" hips...but I really dont have a problem fitting into clothes as long as you have a good tailor. No way you are going to hide your butt so just accept it...plus girls like it
does anyone have to deal with popping or clicking noises when walking in their jeans? soo annoying lol
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