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Is it fair to say that a Medium slimfit OCBD will fit similar to a Small OCBD?
Is that khaki or olive?
Maybe Im really picky but have any of you guys noticed that the small bottons that hold the collar down are not lined up symmetrically on your slim ocbds? On most of mine one button is a little further away from the placket than the other button...not a huge deal but its enough of a difference to annoy me...maybe im ocd lol.
Does anyone have this striped chambray? If so, thoughts?
So the lack of a box pleat no longer bothers you? How tall are you, still seems kind of long to wear untucked? Or maybe its just the angle of the picture
So are uniqlos measurements for the slim oxfords accurate? OR would anyone care to share the p2p measurement of a slim medium? Sorry dont really follow this thread. Thanks in advance.
Do you guys spray your suede pairs with any water proofer or protectant, or just wear them as is?
Does any have the RRL pocket polo shirts? Hows the fit and quality?
Does anyone know the chest measurements on the LEC sport shirts? Im looking for a pit to pit of about 21. Thanks
if you look closely its not the same jacket...similar though.
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