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if you look closely its not the same jacket...similar though.
No you are mistaken. Any jcrew garment with the 2 little diamonds on the tag under "j.crew" are from the factory line....look it up.
Sadly, Ive lost weight and these are too big for me. Worn 3 or4 times for like a total for 15 hours. Never soaked, washed, or altered. I think I still have the tags for them. PM with Questions. Asking 90 plus shipping. Measurements: Waist: 17 Inseam: 33 Leg opening: 7.5
Idk if it retailed for 64.50...this is from the factory line lol.
If any needs a pair of sandersons in tan size 8.5 PM me....does not fit me
Quick question...If i wear a size 31 waist in JCREW urban slim fit....does anyone have any idea what Id wear in the rivet chinos?
this suit will never look good on you...I dont care if you have the best tailor in the world. Best to get rid of it and find something that fits better before alterations.
How does the RLH sole look with shorts? Does it look too formal?
70% wool? whats the rest?
What do you guys think of CM's oxfords? Specifically looking at the slim-matty fit, anyone have it?
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