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Quick question...what kind of creasing are you guys experiencing with CXL leather? I realize its foolish to believe leather will not crease, however Im noticing one shoe is beginning to crease faster or more prominently than my other shoe. Is this normal? The pics below are after two wears.
Up for sale is an *almost* brand new Jcrew chambray in Red. I wore it for about 5 hours before determining its just too small for me. I need to grab a medium. This is j.crew mainline NOT factory....retail is $98. My loss is your gain. It is an absolute pristine condition. As always PM me with any questions. Shoulder measurement: 18" Chest: 19.5-20.
Does anyone know who makes the made in USA Rugby sport coats? How do they compare in fit and quality to the caruso made ones? Thanks.
What size are they?
nice i scored a pair on feebay for 100$. thanks for the info. are they a summer weight?
Does anyone know what wash this is? Or what season its from? Anyone one them?
how do they compare to something like jcrews chino shorts?
Whats everyones opinion on the banchory? The tan ones look nice to me, however I've never seen the person. They dont seem to popular in this thread.
Hi, can anyone give me any info on how the mojaves or amoks fit? TTS? Same as AE 5 last? or should is size down? Thanks so much!
for me same size as my AE 5 last size. i wear 8.5d in both. good luck
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