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Just tried on and they are a half size too big for me. Comes with box. Nice sleek shape, looks much better than bass bucks! Just in time for summer!! Pm me with questions.
Dont know, im sure you can email and ask.
Just placed an order for unlined brown cxl with the honey aspen sole and natural mid sole. The wait beings haha. Ill post pics.
Interesting...I thought that both companies sourced their leather from the same place? horween? Or am i wrong?
Im gonna go with the honey aspen sole i think. Thanks for the input guys.
Im torn between natural CXL and brown CXL for my ranger mocs. Both look awesome. Anyone care to help me decide?
so is the consensus half size down from your AE size?
Does anyone want to help size me? Looking to get ranger moc is unlined brown CXL. Nike size 9-9.5, Chucks 8, Clarks DB 8.5, AE 5 last 8.5. Thanks in advance.
as tapered as JCREWs urban slims?
if i wear a size 8.5 in Sperry top siders and Clarks DB is fair to assume id be a 8.5 in the CXL ranger mocs? thanks for any help.
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