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Neumok owners, do you feel they run the same as other shoes on the 5 last? Im thinking sine they are unlined I may have to size down. If anyone can help Id appreciate it.
I see, that makes sense. So which are the better ones (fabric wise). The one with the piping along the inside of the neck or the newer ones, sans piping
So whats the difference between all the oxfords? There seems to be 3 versions on the site right now. Is there a consensus as to which are the best?
They are flat front and slim fitting. They are 10 wale which is a medium sized wale.
whats up guys? maybe someone can give me some advice input. Im looking to make a shirt that I can wear both tucked and untucked. I have a 40in chest, 30in waist, and 38in hips. Im thinking to make a shirt with a measurement of 21" at the pit, 18" at the waist, and 20" at the hips. Would that look weird untucked? As in, would it look too bell shaped? Thanks for any help.
well I have a 40inch chest and a 30inch waist so yes the shirts are tapered and have darts in the back.. at the waist they measure 18" (36 circumference) but there is no pulling on any buttons and its not skin tight by any means...Im not sure if its the spacing between the buttons but from the side you can catch a glimpse of skin depending on how im standing or how the shirt is fallling.
Might be a weird question, but has anyone noticed that when wearing a button down shirt sans undershirt you can see your stomach in-between your button if someone is looking from the side? Has anyone else noticed this?
Im now sure if you guys frown upon this but I have a pair of nike track tights in black L that I am selling. They have only been tried on and they dont fit me. They are discontinued and they sold out pretty much everywhere. PM me for info/pics. Thanks
Does anyone own the redding? If so, care to share your opinions on the shoe? thanks
No one owns the Redding?
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