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this came with working sleeve buttons? That kinda sucks, no easy way to alter it.
measurements? thanks
Hi guys, how does this tote concept work...I see a lot of talk about it but Im not sure what it is/means exactly...and I cant find any info on the website. thanks
idk i found the newer oxfords fit TTS for me...the older ones that you see on ebay seem to fit one size small.
Despos, wouldn't this affect the sleeve pitch?
thanks guys...yah youre right Ill just keep it....well my neck is large (16) but I usually wear medium shirts and tees so I guess just have a thick neck...prob from the weightlifting, idk lol.
Just got a selvedge oxford and the fit thru the body is perfect, however I cant button the collar all the way closed lol. Its a medium (newer oxfords which fit more TTS) and I wear a 16 for dress shirts. Ill wear this shirt casually so you guys think I should just keep it or go up to a large.
Theyre pretty good, I used CKs before I made the switch to the starter brand ones from walmart...and theyre cheaper
Have any of you guys tried the starter brand tees from target? They come in 3 packs for like 8 bucks and theyre pretty decent, not perfect but better than hanes IMO
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