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I wear a 40R in PRL....this was a 42R and it fit me ok, just didnt like the shoulders on me....had the jacket taken in a little but I just dont see myself wearing it much since I prefer the PRL suits for my build.
how much slimmer? would anyone happen to know the p2p measurement of a medium rrl ocbd? wondering if i should size up from my typical medium
quick question....do rrl oxfords fit the same as other rrl casual shirts?
looks like if you size down one on the AD itll fit similar to the BD...I.e. a Large BD is similar to a Medium AD...but no darts on the back.
oh ok..thanks.
Maybe a stupid question, but besides the obvious measurement differences, whats the difference between a BD and AD shirt?...what characteristics make a BD shirt and vice versa?
LOL...i need XMAS money, someone buy this
does the one rinse stretch more than the washed denim?
Im sure this has been answered before, but maybe someone can help: Does the one rinse denim stain like most raw denim? Do they develop fades like regular raw denim? Thanks
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