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IMO, that suit looks too small...almost looks painted on.
To me the reason why lower buttoning jackets might look weird on you is because in relation to your height, you have long legs and arms. In actually that buttoning point is probably hitting you at your natural waist (slimmest part of your torso).
It really depends...my upper TORSO measurement is about 42" and I fit into 40R suits (21" p2p) perfectly....what you have to take into account is that when you measure your upper body your measuring your chest and back muscles....so while I measure 42" most of it is in my upper back/lats and my chest isnt that full...so 40R fits me fine....so basically youre going to have to go and try stuff on.
that one is already slightly too wide in the shoulders ( you can see divots) I dont think a 40 will work...but the midsection can be let out a certain amount
dude the pocket is on your left...its a mirror shot...
How much do you guys think a button on a cuff can be moved? I looked at some cheap shirts with 2 buttons on them and they are about an 1" apart.....so based on that, would 1" be the most a button should be moved?
yah the older USA made polo suits are fully canvassed
I could say the same about your name
Im not an expert by any means, but if its already bowing like that with the 36 than I dont want to imagine what a 34 would look like. The suit he is trying on appears to be for those with a flat chest and broad shoulders....kinda similar to RLBL. He Needs a different cut in my opinion
idk why everyone is telling you to size down....your lapels are bowing as it is...a 34 would be way too tight in the chest. You need to try a different cut.
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