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Im not an expert by any means, but if its already bowing like that with the 36 than I dont want to imagine what a 34 would look like. The suit he is trying on appears to be for those with a flat chest and broad shoulders....kinda similar to RLBL. He Needs a different cut in my opinion
idk why everyone is telling you to size down....your lapels are bowing as it is...a 34 would be way too tight in the chest. You need to try a different cut.
the whole filter has to be submerged in water for it to happen....so its not that common. Think of it like this.....if you are drinking out of a straw and part of the opening in the straw is not in the water (like the straw is on an angle) you want be able to suck up any water...the whole opening has to be in water. (idk if that makes sense lol but I hope it does) same idea with the CAI.
i sent you a PM
One Last bump
^ I agree, I think black shoes with a brown tie wouldn't look right
you mustve got a weird pair....the 32 slim fits measure about 11.5-11.75 in the thighs...and from my experience doesnt stretch much (in the washed versions)the 33 slims and 32 low straights measures 12" in the thigh...they both measures 17" in the waist.
well RTW wise, youre really only going to see it from PRL and RLPL
get a slimfit in 33 or a low straight in 32...pretty much the same fit.
the older ones run small...so size up. The new ones fit tts.
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