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Just got a selvedge oxford and the fit thru the body is perfect, however I cant button the collar all the way closed lol. Its a medium (newer oxfords which fit more TTS) and I wear a 16 for dress shirts. Ill wear this shirt casually so you guys think I should just keep it or go up to a large.
Theyre pretty good, I used CKs before I made the switch to the starter brand ones from walmart...and theyre cheaper
Have any of you guys tried the starter brand tees from target? They come in 3 packs for like 8 bucks and theyre pretty decent, not perfect but better than hanes IMO
Thinking of grabbing a pair of those walnut players shoes mainly to wear with denim? Anyone have an idea of this would look? Or would you recommend another AE shoe? Thanks
are your slims a 32? thats what mine are...but yah waist is fine but hips and thighs are a little tight...calfs are fine. I still squat (low 300s) and deadift (mid 400s) lol but if they stretch a little theyll be fine...I tried the 34 slims and the waist was wayyyy too huge.
lol im not fat...im 5ft8 and 165 but I have thick legs from lifting. the waist of the jeans fit fine...just a little tight around the hips and thighs but from what ive read they will stretch with wear (like all denim). they are actually a washed slim fit but they are still pretty stiff (although not as stiff as the rigid or "once wash")...as long as the sound will go away haha...right now its kinda annoying to walk and hearing a popping noise.
weird question....I just got a pair of rrl denim (slim fit) and when i walk I hear a popping/rippling noise sometimes....very weird, never experienced it before with other denim....has anyone else noticed this? btw they are not big on me, theyre actually pretty tight and Im hoping the legs and waist will stretch some.
does anyone have an idea for what a good price would be on a pair of unworn slim fits in the black on blue rinse (slim fit)
payment sent
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