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well RTW wise, youre really only going to see it from PRL and RLPL
get a slimfit in 33 or a low straight in 32...pretty much the same fit.
the older ones run small...so size up. The new ones fit tts.
I think you might need to remeasure
is this a joke lol?
random question....but does anyone have the thigh measurement (big style) for a tagged 31 pair of low straights? thanks in advance
thanks...wow so no recommendations for RI/Southern Ma...well this sucks
who is recommended in brookline? I find it weird that no one here is from RI or southern Mass!
Hi, can anyone here recommend me a good alteration tailor in RI or southern Mass? Thanks in advance.
Do you guy find the shoe fit guide to be accurate? Specifically for 5 last shoes? thanks
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