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not exactly the same thing here, since allen edmonds manufactured the shoes. Did best buy manufacture this "TV"? Plus stores have all kinds of return/exchange policies. Nordstrom will let you return just about anything.
^ yeah it was hard to describe, will AE exchange them for me even if I didnt buy directly from them?
Hi guys, I just got a pair of neumoks and on the right shoe it seems as the shoe is asymmetrical. Ive attached pics for reference, but it seems the half circle on the toe box seems larger on once side than the other (the outer half circle seems larger). Im not sure if this is normal or not? There are NOT factory seconds. Am i being overly critical? thanks for the help!
Can someone kindly give me some insight into how the driggs chinos fit? Im concern with how much room there is in the seat and upper thighs. I have relatively small waist (31") big seat (38") and big upper thighs (23"). i can wear the j.crew urban slim fit in a size 32 pretty comfortably but the lower leg isnt tapered enough for my liking. Would a 32 in the driggs fit well?
Up for your consideration is a flyweight crew neck sweatshirt by J.Crew. Perfect for spring and summer nights. Its only been tried on by myself, unfortunately its too short for my 6ft2in frame. Sold out on Jcrews website https://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/teesfleece/Tops/PRDOVR~02528/02528.jsp Measurements: Pit to Pit ~21.5 Length from the back (top of collar to hem): ~25 Please Pm with questions
Shirt has only been tried on, never worn out. Too small / slim fitting for me. Sold out on J.Crews website. Really nice piece. Any questions just ask. https://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/polostees/jcrewingoodcompany/PRDOVR~39984/39984.jsp $40.00 in the CONUS Thanks for looking
Neumok owners, do you feel they run the same as other shoes on the 5 last? Im thinking sine they are unlined I may have to size down. If anyone can help Id appreciate it.
I see, that makes sense. So which are the better ones (fabric wise). The one with the piping along the inside of the neck or the newer ones, sans piping
So whats the difference between all the oxfords? There seems to be 3 versions on the site right now. Is there a consensus as to which are the best?
They are flat front and slim fitting. They are 10 wale which is a medium sized wale.
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