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Thanks. Well the side seams from the back would run into the vents no?
Hi guys, Maybe someone knowledgable can help me as Im new to all of this. Ive recently left a jacket with a tailor to have the side brought in. It seems as thought he will be taking it in from the sides as well as the back seam. Here is my question...the side seams run into the pockets...Are any alterations supposed to be made to the pockets as well? Im just curious as to how a tailor takes in the seam if it is interrupted but the pocket. Thanks for any insight.
BIG measurements?
Up for sale is a Uniqlo Slim fit Medium Olive OCBD. Never worn and still in the original packaging. These are from last years collection of oxfords which were some of the best uniqlo has put out. Please PM with questions.
well here is an example of the wolf greys which were more readily available....and probably the 2nd best colorway: http://www.ebay.com/itm/181414629470?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649
cuz they are on ebay there weren't limited? The only online retailer that had them was sports authority...i didnt see them in any stores around here.
lol, they were limited and they sold out a loooong itme ago bro.
retail was 150 or 160 these were limited I think sports authority was i of the only place to get them. Nah im not selling for that I like them too much and they are regarded as the best colorway for one of nikes best sneakers of 2013 (non retro)
those are sold sorry. I do have a 9.5 that i wore occasionally myself. THey are in near new condition and ive prob worn them around 5 times. Im not really trying to sell them but if i get a really good price Ill part with them.
Up for sale is a pair of dirty bucks (abram model) by WALK OVER. I've worn them twice (once was indoors) and they are in basically brand new condition. They are a half size too big for me. They retail for $265, get em here for $65. This is a steal. Please PM with questions.
New Posts  All Forums: