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I went with a medium per mikes suggestion. I'm afraid that large will be boxy around my waist. My waist is 31 inches.
Whats up everyone? I recently received the peacoat in size medium and tried it on. Its a little tight into my armpits (diggin in). Is this something thatll loosen up with wear? Im afraid If i go up to the large itll be boxy looking. Im 5ft8 165 (muscular build). Thanks for any input.
Selling this RRL heartland collection shirt. Size small. All the details youd excpect from RRL - Triple stitching, MOP Cat eye buttons, side gussets. Shirt is in PERFECT condition. Measurement: Chest: 20" Shoulders: 17.5 Buyer is responsible for shipping costs.
Well they feel good in the forefoot and every where else. Is it a matter of breaking in or is it a sign they are the wrong size?
So is it normal to get blisters on the inside of your heels? Has anyone else experienced this?
Hi guys, I just recently received a pair of meermin captoes. I wore them all day to a wedding and developed some blisters on the insides of my heels, the shoes otherwise felt very comfortable and I had no problems initially wearing them around my house. Is this a situation where they need to be broken in? And how many wears does this usually take? Ive never experienced this with Allen Edmonds shoes, fwiw.
If youre looking for a staple navy suit, youve found it. Ive only worn this a few times and I do not have a need for suits any longer. DETAILS: -Polo by RL -Made in Italy by Corneliani -2 Button -Single Vent -Very slim fitting -Very soft shoulders -Pick stitching -Half Canvas -Double forward pleat (but still slim) pants -Interior suspender buttons MEASUREMENTS: Chest: 21" Shoulder: 18" Waist: 18.5 Length from BOC: 30.5 Sleeve: 23 (over an inch to let down) Waist:...
Congressman is another cut....its slimmer with softer shoulders. In my opinion its nicer than the POLO I-IV suits.
Up for sale is a barely used POLO II suit. Its a staple SOLID NAVY Suit. I wore it twice, but dont really have a need for suits anymore. Details: -SOLID NAVY -3 Roll 2 -Double vented -FLAT FRONT PANTS -Half canvass constructions -pick stitching -soft shoulders -Made in Italy by CORNELIANI Measurements: Shoulders: 18 Chest: 20.5 Length from BOC: 30.5 Sleeve length from shoulder: 24 (room to let out to 25) Pant Waist: 15.75 (can probably be altered to a 16.5) Inseam:...
quick question...if I made an order from the classic collection, how long should I expect delivery to be to the east coast (RI) ? TIA, guys.
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