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Let me know what you find out, in the market for one also
With the hoodie, for sure.This is without
Here it is with the Villain on. Clearly tight, but again, I don't think I would layer it anyway.Still undecided whether to stay with L or go with XL. I only went with L cause that's my Kake size compared to the XL for Villain.
Do you think it looks too tight now? The XL is definitely longer, especially sleeve length which might cause the material to fold more. The one spot it will be probably more comfortable is when I zip it up since it has an additional 2 inches there. Not sure if the XL will look oversized on me.
I think it defeats the purpose of a bomber, have plenty of other jackets that can be zipped up and still look great. Plus since I have a pretty muscular build, it will never look good on me zipped up. If it's a larger size, it will me look 50 lbs heavier (like the Kake in XL does).
Thanks. It only bothers me when I extend my arms forward a lot, then it feels tight across my shoulder blades, and of course when I zip it up. But then again, looking at the XL sizing chart, it might be slightly too large then. I'm in this in between sizes stage now.
Got the Olive Bogota in L. For reference, I wear XL in Villain and L in Kake, and XL in most t-shirts, even though I can probably pull off an L in some of them. I bought the L Bogota based on the size chart since I was looking for a more fitted look and won't layer with hoodies probably. I also noticed that the model on the JE site is also 6"2 wearing M, so was afraid the XL might be too long since I'm the same height. The jacket fits fine from what I can tell, a bit...
I know I am, but it's not uncommon for stores to still run 20-25% discounts.
Still no sales anywhere on the black high tops?
Gotcha, so no point to stress out. I was mostly worried about the large chip in the sole, but I guess with wear it will even out.
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