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Thanks for the feedback on those.Now need to wait for a restock. How often JE restocks jeans?
Thanks. Looks great! Now on the hunt for a size 36.How's the stretch? Been debating between those and Coast which doesn't have a stretch, so not sure if they're comfortable or lose shape over time.
Any news on Cast 2 restock? Also, does anyone have the Cast 2 Spring and can share some real life photos?
I think it is, but for some reason I thought the instep would fit better on the 11F. They do seem to close up a bit better.
So maybe I should have tried the 11.5UK in F also to give more width to the feet. I tried a broken-in 11UK F in store and felt fine.
Just received my ST James II MH71 in F last and they're pretty tight. I have a 11.5UK in TG73 E last and pretty much feels the same as the 11UK F last. I hope they will loosen up. I can almost close the gap at the top, but painful to wear them now for more than an hour.
Pulled the plug on two Curve classic tees. Very curious how the knit is. Been trying to find a cool knit t-shirt for a while, but not many out there, or at least I didn't find any.
Thank you, very informative. The thin knit actually sounds pretty cool. Now I need to see when they're restocking.
Thanks. Do they run small? I wear an XL in Hoodie Villain. Also, how often do they restock?
What's a good JE t-shirt that it's fitted throughout the body but not skin tight?
New Posts  All Forums: