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Does anyone know the taper difference between the old and new Spring? Never mind, found it: Hem - 7.3 vs 6.8 Knee 8.5 vs 8.3 For size 36
What taper would you do for a size 12-12.5?
Got it, makes sense.Should I even think a bit a slight taper below the calfs? I believe someone else asked that as well. Or just the hem and move on.
Yeah, muscular build for sure, I play a lot of sports so my quads and calfs are pretty big. The only jeans that look cleaner are those that have a lot of stretch in them.The only thing for those that I could still do is maybe to taper them a bit more above knee, but not sure if that's a good idea.
They've been worn a few months already, so they stretched out to max. I'm clearly in between a 34 and 36 in waist, but problem with 34 is the lower rise which doesn't fit my rear Ideally, they would be slimmer along the entire leg, but the 34 might be too tight and the new 36 from, what I know, is only tighter from knee down
What do you guys think of the fit? It's the OG Springs, size 36. Tried the new Springs in 34 and they were skin tight all around. Also, on this photos, I rolled inside the left leg by about an inch, since I was thinking to go and hem it. Would appreciate some thoughts on the fit and also on hemming them. Thanks.
Are the hoodies in grey colors a bit more tight than the rest? Due to the material mix? Trying to see if it's best to trade my dark grey dual-zipper for one made out of cotton only. It's a bit tight, but not crazy tight.
Got the 34 new cut Springs today and they are indeed slimmer. I have a 36 already in the previous cut and they stretched quite a bit so I thought I could fit in the 34 since I have the Odeons in 34, but no go. Skin tight from knee down.
That's a good point, I just feel that I'm somewhere in between L and XL, so even L on me, it wouldn't be too fit.
Interesting, maybe I should try large also.
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