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Not even funny, he spoke the truth No matter how skinny I get, that ass seems to stay
XL it is. And yes, the rear end doesn't help with L @dng992, No OCD, I wasn't sure how badly it will stretch out, that's all. Had other sweats that were very tight and ended up stretching A LOT.
Debating between L and XL in Escobar. I'm pretty sure I'm an XL - 6"2 around 209. Here is the comparison: L - definitely tight around the calves and not sure if they stretch enough to not look like leggings And XL - I wish they were just half an inch shorter. They are definitely looser on the calves and thighs. But not sure how much they will stretch to still look good and not baggy.
Thanks. Clearly L is almost leggings, but I wasn't sure how much they stretch. The XL fits tight but comfortable with some room around the knees and thighs. Hopefully they don't stretch too much.What I liked about the L was the length. I'm 6"2 and I feel that the length on the L is perfect. Curious to see what other tall people think
I wear a 34 in JE jeans, like Spring and Odeon, should I get L or XL in Escobar? I remember trying an Escobar a few months ago - L size - and the calfs were skin tight, not sure if they will stretch.
Those of you that hemmed your JEs, did you do the original hem (Euro hem) or the regular?
Does anyone know the taper difference between the old and new Spring? Never mind, found it: Hem - 7.3 vs 6.8 Knee 8.5 vs 8.3 For size 36
What taper would you do for a size 12-12.5?
Got it, makes sense.Should I even think a bit a slight taper below the calfs? I believe someone else asked that as well. Or just the hem and move on.
Yeah, muscular build for sure, I play a lot of sports so my quads and calfs are pretty big. The only jeans that look cleaner are those that have a lot of stretch in them.The only thing for those that I could still do is maybe to taper them a bit more above knee, but not sure if that's a good idea.
New Posts  All Forums: