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Any of 6"2 or more? If yes, have you hemmed your 34"JE jeans? I wonder if it will help with the knee area.
I got the flatback washed black shorts today and while I like the material, they are just a bit too large for my taste. I like a more fitted look on the thigh. Any other options with a similar material? Or fleece? Something in that category.
Ok, thanks. I just don't want them to look sloppy, hate that look. I can't wear super tight denim either due to my soccer legs. I might just take in the waist an inch, which shouldn't ruin the design or back pockets.
Thanks. I wonder if I should do anything with the large waist on the blowout ones. It's about an inch too large.
Anyone else with other opinions?
They are the same, same size and all. Maybe a stiffer material on the ones without the blowouts. I think the crotch area looks weird cause I put a belt on. They stretched a lot in the waist also. And you're probably right about the sneakers.
Bought a pair of the Spring and Odeon from John Elliott and after a few wears they stretched out quite a bit. I was wondering if I should taper them and if I do, should I do it from the knee down or go from the thigh? The waist is also about an inch too big. Thanks.
Did you taper them from knee down? I might have to taper mine also, I have both.Also curious to see the fit before and after.
Are those considered NTDenim? I wonder if I need to taper them since they got looser.
Taper them from knee down or from hip?
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