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Are the black ones on Ssense the actual Zinc?
Does the co-mix material shrink a bit? I have a curved grey crew co-mix and I washed in a short cycle with cold water then hang dried it. But for some reason it seems to be a bit shorter than before. It is def shorter than the regular crew t-shirt.
Emailed Customer Service yesterday also and was told no code. Hopefully someone that won't use them will share them with us here.
I need a code also if someone doesn't use it.
Are the classic crews pretty thin? Trying to avoid the see-thru look and nipples showing
Any photos of Mercer Tee in Grey? I've seen other colors but Grey.
Thanks for the feedback on those.Now need to wait for a restock. How often JE restocks jeans?
Thanks. Looks great! Now on the hunt for a size 36.How's the stretch? Been debating between those and Coast which doesn't have a stretch, so not sure if they're comfortable or lose shape over time.
Any news on Cast 2 restock? Also, does anyone have the Cast 2 Spring and can share some real life photos?
New Posts  All Forums: