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So lower rise on the 32 vs 34 inseam? O vice versa?I guess the highest I can go is 36 waist anyway.
How's the rise? I remember trying a stretch skinny tapered fit and the rise was very low, below the belly. Are those low rise? Is there one with a higher rise?
And I'm still here unable to decide between MH71 and TG73 on St James I looked at tens of photos and no closer to the decision
Are those two in the TG73 last?
I hear you, been looking at TONS of photos. No idea why I'm so undecided For some reason the James in TG73 looks very slick, but I guess I'm attracted to the MH71 cause of its alleged timeliness. I'm in early 30s so no problem wearing a bit more fashion forward stuff.
Funny, was just about to post the same question. I can't decide between the two on St James II Vintage Cherry F width. Been going back and forth, reading tons of posts, seeing photos...just can't tell which one is better looking.
It looks good, regardless
St James Vintage Cherry TG73?
Thanks.Yes, I think I should be okay, I can manage now in an 11.5 E, so the 11U F should be better. My problem is usually around the ball of my foot.
Vintage Cherry. I have a TG73 Sinatra in 11.5UK, but I recently tried a 11UK F in MH71 and it's perfect. So I expect the TG73 11UK F to be just as good.
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