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Good stuff! I wanna get the Vintage Cherry first before I jump on others Now just need to see who wants to do a GMTO.
E width. Trust me, I wanted them badly, just need F apparently. The color looks so much better in reality. Perfect shoe!
Would be in but kinda wanted Vintage Cherry. Had a pair in my hands and they are fantastic.
Damn, that was fast, missed it by a few minutes, someone was quicker.
You like it better than MH71? I got the same shoe in MH71 but I have another TG73 Sinatra. Can't tell which one I like best.Did you get E or F?
Thanks. Here is my Sinatra
Nice! Can't wait till they go back in stock
Thanks for the great details. Yours seem to def lace a bit better, maybe just a few millimeters more than mine do. I have the same pressure point in the heel and toes are a bit a cramped, but I guess most of the pain comes from the instep and also from the ball joint. I'm sure they will break in and relax a bit, just still not sure if my foot qualifies as a wide one. I'm somewhere in between I guess at 11.7 cm.Has your V always looked the same? Or it was wider initially?...
Were those restock recently? Been waiting for that email.
Hopefully. They still feel tight at the ball joint also. Tough choice
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