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Which last is this one?
Damn. The Saint Crispin's are made in the same county/region I was born, literately 30 miles away.
I know that Uggs for men are a big No No, but what about those that are made for snow? http://www.uggaustralia.com/men-boots/butte/5521.html?dwvar_5521_color=MTL#pr-header-back-to-top-link The Ugg Butte seem to be similar to brand like Sorel. Are those acceptable to wear or too douchey?
Can the overcoats be let out at the waist? http://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/coats/navy-overcoat/J296I.html?start=6&cgid=Coats A 42 fits me perfectly at shoulders, length etc...but it is too tight around my torso and therefore the lapels bow a bit too. So not sure if it's worth altering them. 44 is clearly too big.
The sole is splitting for sure. If I pull it apart a bit, I can tell it will come off easily. I mean I understand that it will happen in the future, but after 2 wears, maybe 1 hr first time and 2 hrs the second time? It's just not okay.
I'm a huge fan of the company, ordered a few shoes and was getting ready to do an MTO, but I just received a pair of the Snuff Rappelo Suede http://meermin.es/ficha_articulo.php?id=2345 and after wearing them twice, yes, just two times, the sole is falling apart. I contacted Luisa to see what we can do.
Drop to $290
Now dropped to $300.
Brand new American 16er for sale, 36 Slim. $80.
Awesome! Woke up and 2 hrs later no 11UK!! Still hoping someone will return one.
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