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If you don't like it, let me know
Damn, missed it! Let me know how it fits.
How's the sizing on it?
Are those Escobars?
LOL Nope.But seriously now, are they gonna blow out one more? Not sure if they're supposed to stay the same way as they came.
Are the knees on the Odeon gonna blow up more? Just heard another rip today I'm afraid one day they will be really blown out.
Are the Escobars running a size too big? I wear 36 in Springs, so not sure if I should get L or XL
The Y3s are awesome, maybe half a size too big, but okay if you have wide feet.They are looks on the thighs, the calfs are okay. I also need about an inch taken in in the waist.Problem is that if I got a 34, then the calfs might have been way too tight.
) Point taken
Will anyone post some fit photos of the Rebel Mesh hoodie? I've seen some in the gallery, but not too many.
New Posts  All Forums: