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Can the overcoats be let out at the waist? http://us.suitsupply.com/en_US/coats/navy-overcoat/J296I.html?start=6&cgid=Coats A 42 fits me perfectly at shoulders, length etc...but it is too tight around my torso and therefore the lapels bow a bit too. So not sure if it's worth altering them. 44 is clearly too big.
The sole is splitting for sure. If I pull it apart a bit, I can tell it will come off easily. I mean I understand that it will happen in the future, but after 2 wears, maybe 1 hr first time and 2 hrs the second time? It's just not okay.
I'm a huge fan of the company, ordered a few shoes and was getting ready to do an MTO, but I just received a pair of the Snuff Rappelo Suede http://meermin.es/ficha_articulo.php?id=2345 and after wearing them twice, yes, just two times, the sole is falling apart. I contacted Luisa to see what we can do.
Drop to $290
Now dropped to $300.
Brand new American 16er for sale, 36 Slim. $80.
Awesome! Woke up and 2 hrs later no 11UK!! Still hoping someone will return one.
Will the Park last be made available in their collection soon?
Brand new Carmina shoes in Simpson Last. Beautiful shoe just a size too small for me. Smooth french calfskin. Goodyear welt. Fully leather lined. Leather soles and 3 piece leather heels. Simpson last. Handcrafted in Spain.
What if I need a 11.5 in Simpson? Which I do need since 11 is really tight now. My forefoot is 5 inches wide.Should I still take 11 in Rain?
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