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I fell down twice on ice on the way to work today, with an adjumma taking a picture the second time. Then she practically skipped away on the same path while wearing heels.I think it's black magic.
I'm also happiest with the UMDR of all the ToJ I own. Excessive hardware just comes off as a little loud. There's nothing wrong with advertising - that's really all that clothes are - but while pattern and fit can sell a style holistically, metalwork kind of seems strictly ornamental. You can conceive of a new article of clothing from almost any angle imaginable and build outward from there, but no designer I know can work backward from hardware as the genesis of an idea....
...what does this even mean. It's a shoe.Speaking of S/S 13, someone needs to find a picture of the Devoa 'sandal' that can actually be externally linked. I kind of like it, though it's been tried before by Layer-0 among others.
I still haven't bought anything from him, but he seems scary amounts of helpful from the little we've talked.Incidentally, keep in mind that the curved sole is a giant pain in the ass to get vibramed. I just got back from my cobbler, which constituted a 40-minute long discussion involving a notary public, a pair of women bystanders weeping hysterically, and a string quartet.
If anyone else wants to know, you should in fact size down 1.
Yeah, I saw that. I'm pretty lukewarm about it.1. Uses a different weave for the body and sleeve lining, which is inelegant to begin with, and also uses pure cotton for the latter. I'm not as anti-lining as most people on leather jackets, but cotton in general just gets natty the more you wear it, especially because it's in the one part most exposed to everything. Leather should be bought to age gracefully and cotton lining rarely does. The previous season used a...
I'm placing an order tomorrow for a pair of boots from the IS lineup last season (these, specifically). Korea is a barren wasteland, so I can't get a feel for the sizing in person. Would anyone who has handled the pieces care to confirm that I should get the 42 if I'm a true 43? Apparently it runs large, but I don't know if it's a narrow enough thing to just get the 43 and wear an insole if the sizing is out of sync.
I assume the couple thing isn't accidental. Just out of curiosity, how did things wind up that way?
I bought this a few weeks ago. I love it beyond words.That pic is a different model from the first one you posted however; not as asymmetric and is a bit less boxy when worn.Fitpic:
Dropping to say that the jacket is amazing worn. I don't mean the girl. Just, worn.
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