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Anybody having problem adding items to their cart? Just tried to add a pair of black shell boots and it said: Invalid Item : ALD_m_FD-4065_FD-4065_11.5_D Is this in someone else's cart or is it just gone?
+1I can't find it on the site.
Great piece. If it hasn't sold by F/W hit me up.
+1 It's miserable being in the 35-36 waist range and a 44 chest (and I wouldn't even call myself fat). Most everything I love to wear is just an inch too small for me everywhere. I took my racing green canvas chinos to get the thighs and calves let out and they still feel a little too tight in both places but also the waist too. The donegals had a little more stretch to them where I could pull them off without altering the waist, but I may have to go and get the waist...
That's gonna be some hefty final value fees for him if he is the one driving up the price and then wins them. Given that the current top two bidders have histories that show bidding only on these pair of shoes, there's a good chance that they are, in fact, shill accounts, which is too bad because this seller puts a lot of Aldens up on ebay from time to time.
+1 on the Ridgeways. I'd wear those.
Not to be a stickler, but it's technically not normal behavior for all raw denim, it just depends on which direction the twill is going. I own a pair of Samurai 710's that are right-hand twill and don't twist at all (not the case with all RHT denim) while my left-hand twill Flat Head 3008's twist like crazy. Denim that uses a broken twill won't twist at all (in fact broken twill was invented for the very reason of stopping leg twist). Just chalk it up to a charming...
So I read through this thread hoping to find an answer about the light scuffs that cordovan receives from when accidentally barked up against table and chair legs as well as the evil gas/brake pedal combo in the car. Nick addressed the deeper scuffs with the spoon/heat method, but what about the lighter scuffs that aren't getting buffed out by the damp cloths, shoe creams, and horsehair brushes? They're really annoying and I certainly don't want to resort to the cordovan...
Are you talking strictly shell here on both pairs?
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