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Dog-killings are apparently becoming passé amongst law enforcement:http://www.policestateusa.com/2013/nypd-evelyn-lugo-parakeet/The other stories from this watchdog website are as equally or more disturbing than this one.
http://www.daily-times.com/four_corners-news/ci_24678616/farmington-police-department-buys-armored-military-fighting-vehicleYa know, for when the Soviets finally Red Dawn the Southwestern US.Oh, it also, "plows through flood waters and fire," which I'm sure is why the SWAT team purchased it in the first place.That second to last sentence is like saying, "Just because we wear BDU's, carry combat gear and fully automatic assault rifles doesn't mean we're the military."...
Charlotte police kill unarmed man who may have been running to them for help I'd say this is unbelievable, but as more and more people begin reporting on the behavior of law enforcement, I'm really not that surprised anymore. Angry, but not surprised.
Anyone else disturbed by the fact that local SWAT was out Hitler Youthing it at a Literacy Fair in the first place? That should be the real story here.
More on making unnecessary requests to the DHS to deal with libertarians domestic terrorists.http://politicaloutcast.com/2013/08/armored-vehicle-requested-to-deal-with-libertarians/
And on the other, more encouraging end of the spectrum:
I guess Austin PD now has their own Minority Report PreCrime unit too:http://reason.com/blog/2013/07/30/man-who-austin-cop-chased-shot-killed-no
More WTF-ery going on in Tiger country:https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=zGeZiWOeGIc
I was wondering when this thread would start heating up.
^ Unbelievable. I feel like Detroit only has two choices remaining. One, they barricade every exit to the city with razor wire and guard towers, throw up some reality TV CCTV cameras and dump the latest DARPA project that looks most like Robocop to police it. Or two, turn it into a tax-free, minarchist city that will try and attract young entrepreneurs looking to get sweet tax breaks for their businesses. Since it's already in the shitter, it could be an experiment to...
New Posts  All Forums: