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Would somebody please stop the Pens? An 8 game win streak is enough. On another note, my Hawks put in a good showing tonight (sorry Rob). Seems like Oduya is fitting in quite nicely so far. Hopefully we can get some more W's and work our way out of that horrible slump we got into back in February.
Yes it is. Special ordered from Shoe Mart. Hand-stitched rather than machine-stitched.Normally an 11.5D on the Barrie(r) but these are a 12C on Trubalance and I love the fit of them. I wish all my Barrie/Trubalance lasts were C widths now.
Who's carrying this piece?
+1.What happened?Also, are these chest measurements even correct, or was Daiki on some sort of radical see-sawing diet when he cut these?http://www.contextclothing.com/item.php?id=3075http://www.contextclothing.com/item.php?id=3071A 36 and 40 inch chest for two different XL vests (not that I'd wear either)?I'm slowly getting sized out of EG season by season.
So a Gitman Vintage large is now only 21 inches across the chest? Do you own a tape measure to confirm this because the website measurements vary greatly from site to site? If it's larger than that, I'd be interested.
My humble contribution to Cigar Friday (courtesy of my crappy Droid RAZR camera) Outdoor: Indoor:
Doh! to the 30" inseam. Somebody who's 5'8 and shorter is going to get a great pair of trousers for a great price.
Aren't you an 11.5-12?
Yeah everything I've tried adding in my size and width is giving me the invalid flag. Guess I didn't need to be $400 lighter anyway. Good luck everyone.
Anybody having problem adding items to their cart? Just tried to add a pair of black shell boots and it said: Invalid Item : ALD_m_FD-4065_FD-4065_11.5_D Is this in someone else's cart or is it just gone?
New Posts  All Forums: