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That sucks man, sorry to hear that. How could Alden screw an order up for one of their own stores? Still, given the wait times now, especially for whiskey, if they can't go back and alter them to all eyelets, I'd just grab'em and cut my losses.Speaking of eyelets, are anybody's eyelets completely shredding their flat waxed Alden laces? The eyelets on my cigar Indys are devouring my laces. The metal rings that they use for the inner eyes have sharp parts that stick up...
+1$675 for a #8 Indy is getting ridiculous. Still, I'm curious to see who's gonna come runnin' and how fast they'll sell out.But man, $675 for #8....
Confirmed cast: http://www.ew.com/ew/gallery/0,,20577069,00.html
I had the misfortune of reading the book first before I saw the movie and so I got hung up on all the changes CuarĂ³n made from the book that made the story much more existential than what P.D. James had intended it to be. The film was well done but they hacked the story up pretty good. Love the book much more than the film.I also wouldn't classify it as science fiction and I don't think James would either. It probably falls more in the realm of dystopian fiction than...
It's kind of annoying that you can't get to the "more from this seller" link until you click on an actual listing.They need to put that link at the bottom of the signature before you click on any listing. Annoying, but thanks for the reminder.
Where's the listing for the wingtip? Color and last?
Thanks for the link. Nothing up yet, but I'll keep my eye on the site. Wish more American shops had picked it up. I always feel stupid buying made in the US pieces at places like Tres Bien, Bureau, Oi Polloi, and End Clothing but 9 times out of 10 they always have the better selection than American shops. Why is that? More purchasing power on the exchange rate?
Seriously, not to turn this into the, "when I was your age..." thread, but just how old are you that you can't get a job? When I was 10 I was out cutting people's lawns in Spring and Summer, raking leaves in the Fall and shoveling snow in the Winter to pay for things like hockey equipment and team dues. And I'm in my early 30's, so this wasn't some Leave it to Beaver era stuff. Trust me kid, you're not too young to get a job. Start your journey on the path to stylish...
Thanks. Don't why I missed it the first time. Irrelevant though, as they don't have an XL. Anyone else know who may carry the navy and red striped shawl cardigan?
Didn't see it on their site, but not sure if everything gets put up on their site or not. Looks like most of their S/S 12 stuff is already up.
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