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The Pens finally go down and my Hawks beat my Caps (my bro back in DC; not happy). That said, Ovi thoroughly embarrassed Duncan Keith and Crawford with his goal.
Gitman measurements? Also is it a fall/winter or spring/summer weight? Thanks!
This is piano guy with goofy voice we're talking about, right?
Still available in 30 mL?
Unless you're a member on the Fedora Lounge.
Just not a fan of topying, even if they nail it on.
Firefly Sarah Connor Chronicles Dead Like Me Arrested Development Carnivale LOL at Quark. It really was ahead of it's time. I'd also add the Prisoner to that list of quirky shows that should've stuck around a little longer. That remake of it that came out a couple years ago sucked, despite McKellen and Caviezel's best efforts to keep it on life support through their performances. Show needed a better writers like Steven Moffat or Russel T. Davies.
Tempting, but living in Chicago demands a commando sole (well except for this year; easiest winter I've ever been through). To everyone who grabbed them, let's see some pics when the boots arrive.
Thanks, I'll try it. What kind of small file did you use, as I imagine it really would have to be small to fit through an eyelet.
Basically 7 hours of chill. This guy used to hold actual "sleep concerts" back in the early 80's. I still listen to this from time to time when I go to bed at night. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Somnium_%28album%29
New Posts  All Forums: