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Mom Arrested for Blocking Sidewalk While Waiting for Family to Use BathroomThey just can't help themselves.The sad thing about these stories nowadays is that they often find you; you don't have to go digging for them anymore.
As a lawyer, HB would you care to weigh in on his sentencing (or his shitbag cop mustache)? Would a non-cop have gotten only 6 years or the rape charge dropped?Indiana Cop Admits to Raping Woman During Labor Day Drunken Driving ArrestLiving in the Chicago area, this is basically what every cop looks like here, by the way.
Because the Potomac Two-Step is a much more time-honored precaution in our nation's capital than RAIDed servers.
Finally, a good use for the NSA.Now the question remains, will the NSA comply?
I'm with you to an extent, D-man, particularly after reading about some of the sheriffs and police captains/chiefs agonizing over this issue of officer safety vs. protection of civil liberties. However, at least for me, it's difficult to look at particular issues of the militarization of US police departments on an issue-by-issue basis without lumping all the issues together. When you look at the list of offenses, and these are only the ones that immediately come to mind...
Piece I saw the other day at the NYT: War Gear Flows to Police Departments
This was also the same SWAT team that killed an innocent pastor counseling a woman trying to kick her drug habit. Of course the police tried to smear him and most likely coerced the woman into changing her story to state that he was paying her for sex.http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-watch/wp/2014/05/30/drug-task-force-that-burned-a-toddler-this-week-also-killed-an-innocent-pastor-in-2009/
Man Dies After Being Tazed by Deputies and then Beaten with Flashlights Hopefully, with all the witnesses and video footage, none of these guys will still have jobs because they will be serving sentences for murder.
A hodge-podge of outrage and incredulity today. Some of it geared at cops and some at families of robbers killed during a home invasion, and one bonus bit at the end.Man Tased for Reading Book at Transit MallFriends and Family of Dead Robbers Upset at Homeowners Who Shot ThemBONUS:Not sure if this is a win or not, as the guy has probably just painted a big bullseye on his car, but the ballsiness of it is worth a postNew Hampshire Court Says "COPSLIE" License Plate is Free...
Happy Law Enforcement Incompetence Monday! This one has all the usual trappings you come to expect from living in our fine police state: injuries to the innocent, false arrest, evidence suppression, etc. Ya know, standard fare. Of course the deputy is seeking a permanent duty disability claim for an accident he caused and was actually treated and released with a clean bill of health following the accident. Meanwhile the poor girl has more hardware in her spine and...
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