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Based on my own personal experience, I have to agree with Teger (and if I had to guess, so would the majority of denim aficionados on Sufu) about the quality and price point of RRL denim. I'll drop $300 on a pair of Samurais 10 times out of 10 before I'd spend it on RRL denim. The quality and construction is above and beyond anything RRL puts out. I've got a pair of 17 oz Samurais from 2005 commemorating the victory of the Hanshin Tigers that still look amazing after 7...
Next two topics: tables that have yet to exist but should & and tables recently produced (though they are not quite the same as they used to be). I'm currently re-visiting the town of Twin Peaks on Netflix watch instantly and was thinking that this would have made for an interesting table. Not sure what games you would have on the machine itself or what the playfield would look like, but I feel this ground-breaking piece of Lynchian esoteric television should have been...
From what I understand the real worry regarding upkeep is the playfield itself - namely the artwork on it. Eventually the artwork does wear-down from play and needs to be re-surfaced from time to time. I'd also imagine finding things like replacement bulbs and electronic components could be tricky too. Still...I want one (especially Medieval Madness). Thankfully, one just came on the market and I think that if we all chip in, we could get...
I loved the T2 table as well. I read somewhere that it was the first table to use the dot-matrix scoring screen. Looks like there's one going for about $3300.00 if there's any takers who want a trip down memory lane: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Terminator-2-Pinball-Machine-/200725547963?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2ebc2ccbbb
What last are these on?
You mentioned two of my favorites to in Theatre of Magic and Bride of Pinbot. That Arcade Pinball app I mentioned earlier has Theatre of Magic, Arabian Nights and Bride of Pinbot if you're interested. I'm hoping they'll either do Twilight Zone or Addams Family next. That or Lord of the Rings. Man I need a table but don't feel like dropping the $6,000+ on a table in good condition.
I recently downloaded the Android app Arcade Pinball and gotta say I'm pretty impressed with the painstaking attention to detail and the fact that they picked some pretty good tables (especially Medieval Madness - one of my all time favs). What's more though, I had briefly forgotten how much I absolutely love pinball. Growing up in the 80's and 90's, while everybody was busy with Street Fighter II and the like, pinball was my game of choice, before and during the sad...
This was a sleeper piece a lot of people missed out on. Pair it up with a solid EG Bedford or WWM Pen Jacket and you're good to go. I think the lapel buttons threw a lot of people off it but it makes the vest look less costume-y when they're unbuttoned. Great piece, great price.
The Pens finally go down and my Hawks beat my Caps (my bro back in DC; not happy). That said, Ovi thoroughly embarrassed Duncan Keith and Crawford with his goal.
Gitman measurements? Also is it a fall/winter or spring/summer weight? Thanks!
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