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And the sad comedy continues to unfold: House passes bill 273 - 156 to arm people who may or may not be ISIS/ISIL/IS. In order to better illustrate the crap shoot they just passed, why not just skip this farce and simply dump a whole lotta guns and ammo crates out of C-130's into the region and see if the right people end up with them?
For those wanting a non-cerebral, popcorn-type movie, I watched this out of boredom last night and was pleasantly surprised by its quirkiness. It's a Dean Koontz adaptation (apparently there's about 7 books on this character already), but it kind of reminded me of that Peter Jackson movie, The Frighteners, though with a little more levity to it. I don't normally go in for Yelchin's boy-man acting skills, but it seemed to fit a movie of this caliber.
Aside from the war-mongering womanoid (who is more and more looking like a tough, leathery piece of NY strip herself) it has been interesting to go back and read this thread and see how much the landscape has shifted in just two years.
The federal government bus is always big enough to have one more person thrown under its wheels.
I don't mind most of the additions/alterations for this season, but removing the Spin-O-Rama move during a shootout seems kinda stupid, especially if they're looking to make rule changes that will create more goal-scoring chances. Other than that, a lot of them don't bother me.
It's his own fault. He should've been able to differentiate between the way a burglar wobbles a flashlight and a cop does. I also probably would've put him on a $6 million bond instead of 3, just in case any of this hoodlum's wealthy dealer-friends got any ideas about bailing him out and smuggling him out of the country in an effort to escape justice.
Sorry, I meant State Constitutions.
Sheriff's Departments are the only cops who have been given Constitutional authority to exist if I'm not mistaken, since we elect sheriffs to their offices. Police departments, on the other hand, are the result of politicians who appoint officers to respective city municipalities (while the sheriff's department gets run of the whole county). I think this is why you end up with so many police chiefs who favor gun control because the politician who appointed him is most...
https://www.rutherford.org/publications_resources/john_whiteheads_commentary/resistance_is_futile_the_violent_cost_of_challenging_the_american_police_stPosted for both the read (which is good) and because most of the incidents he cites have been reported in this thread.
New Posts  All Forums: