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That or because the photo was snapped so far away, the lapels may just need shortening.Can you snap a pic that's a little closer?
Bump because I saw that Gilt Chicago is offering this until Sunday, I believe. I got a suit from them last summer (full-canvased, Scabal super 130's navy pinstripe) and have been very pleased with the results, especially for the price they offered it for. I think they have the option of sourcing it to master tailors here in the States or overseas for a lower price, which is a cool option to have if you're interested in lower price vs. American-made. I'm surprised they...
I think we have our winner.
I loved that movie when it came out:
With hippos, it's really only during the night when the human fatalities occur; usually when one goes down to the river to draw water. I'd say if any animal were to take down a grizzly it would be a bull elephant or possibly the rhino, though its low height could put it at a disadvantage. The elephant's hide is just too thick, the tusks too large and it's neck muscles which swing them too strong, and finally just the sheer inertia of a charging elephant would flatten a...
You mean this?
I've gotten some very helpful suggestions in regards to kitchen knives so I thought I'd ask about cutting boards as well. At present, I've got two cheap plastic cutting boards that are really starting to stink despite my best efforts to disinfect. I'm looking at two alternatives to plastic: the Sani-Tuff rubber cutting board and a wooden cutting board, probably teak. Anybody own either and if so, would they care to comment on them?
and if wishes were horses, we'd all be eating steak. That or wearing shell cordovan boots every day of the week.Speaking of which, when are you going to sell me your Lindricks? I want them.
Yeah, but really this could be said about any Amekaji/Heritage stuff made in the US, not just RRL denim.On a different note: from the Samurai Take 5 Contest:All virgin, non-sandpapered raw denim aged to perfection.
Unless you're like a size 25 or something, there's a lot of skinny dudes on Sufu that would beg to differ, Dave. In fact, I'd say it's safe to bet that they're all in the 28-32 waist range. What cuts have you tried?
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