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The other question I had after watching it was: [[SPOILER]]
I know I'm going to be the lame guy for suggesting it, especially since I thought read somewhere that Ridley Scott wasn't a fan but: [[SPOILER]]
Well I'd hardly call comments akin to, "you're crazy" and "lurk moar" as educational. Your comments above about the shoulders and chest have been the most constructive because now I know that when both of those measurements are off that it will throw everything else off. I was trying to compartmentalize the different parts of the jacket without considering how they relate to other parts like the shoulders and chest.I'm new at this, having been a SW&D guy so I'm trying to...
I thought it was called a Neapolitan shoulder, as in Italian-inspired.
I don't think I've made myself clear so I'll try again because it was a very busy day for me while I posted the photos and I'm wondering if, due to said busyness, that the one critical detail I left out will put this all into context.I am about to purchase another bespoke suit. The try-on in the photo was just to see if I would fall between a 42 and a 44 since the last suit was purchased last year and I'm in the process of dropping some weight. I haven't purchased the 42...
I'll try and go back later this afternoon and try on the 44, which was too large and snap some photos of that.As I said about the smaller 42, it was just a try-on to see what the problems were when I had a smaller jacket on. I'm more interested in the educational process of seeing what the problem is when you see creases in certain parts of the jacket, or balance issues as Chris mentioned with the front and back of a jacket (or the fact that I had an erect posture; which I...
Can you guys give me a quick eyeing up on this try-on and tell me what you would do? I'm right in between a 42 and a 44 so I've got a 42R try-on right now that is slim-cut. I'm having a suit made for me but want to learn what needs correcting for my own educational experience. I jacked the exposure way up as the lighting was horrible and wanted to see if it would help pick up the creases and lines on the black fabric. Sorry the phone pics are so horrible. Aside...
Yeah, the size is too small or possibly the shoulder would need to be taken out. Is the collar of the jacket adhering to the shirt collar?
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