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Quote: Originally Posted by Raoul Duke Short inseam = :*( Second on that. My eyes lit up when I saw the waist size then fell when I saw the inseam. New-ish pairs too. Good luck with the sale. Big shorties will win out on this one.
FTW "Brakes are decadent Western luxuries."
Looking for the standard size and not the slim ones and definitely on the newer side (no patina or stretching). More along the lines of "I bought this but it's too big or too small" etc. Thanks!
Measurements from end of the tongue to the middle hole please?
I'm actually wearing mine right now and they did OK for me in a Chicago winter. They're not worth a damn on slippery, algae-covered rocks so I wouldn't take them camping or anything but they're a great around town boot that has a surprising amount of grip in a more urban setting...even snow, slush, and ice. And $180 is a reasonable price too.
Not to burst your bubble but that pair of Ramblers sold NWT for $88 on Gilt. At least offer a reasonable price point for a pair that has 8 wears already.
Posted this question earlier but lost track of the thread or it got locked...not sure which. Anywho...what is the front rise measurement of the size 30 slim girl? Thanks!
Sorry guys but I think if you scroll up to the June 20th post of last year and click on the store link you're going to find that they're long gone.
Yeah I just grabbed these in an 11.5 in the Amber (8111) on ebay for $140. Sized down half a size and they fit great. I also have pretty wide, flat feet and was worried about all the talk of the narrowness of them. So, just for kicks I went over to the local Red Wing store where they sell them for $280 to try on the 11.5 2EE size instead of the D's that I just bought. For what it's worth I could practically pull my foot out of the 11.5 2EE while they were fully laced...
I'd get them (I'm a 36w) but I've been lucky in that I've never paid more than $60 for a pair of PRPS 'cudas so spending more than that seems unjustified to me personally. The fact that it is also a 36 waist means you won't get much traffic on the thread either. You may have to bite the bullet on this one because you'll probably only get anywhere from $100 to $125 for them on ebay (yes, even brand new). Good luck!
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