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http://www.styleforum.net/showthread...ighlight=purse I vote we send tomgirl in to tell them that we're all really good looking and rich and that we all have a rapist's wit. If that won't get them interested then I don't know what will.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo That was awesome. The picture of Grossman was hilarious. The ninth panel down had me at hello...especially if you didn't see the photo coming.
Too bad Obama can't ask for Dan Snyder's resignation.
Quote: Originally Posted by habitant you can get these brand new at rodengray in both colours for 389$ CAD Not a big fan of doing this kind of thing in other people's sales threads; saying where you can get something for the same price. Some sellers on here price things expecting at least three 5% price drops before selling an item so they price accordingly. Just my opinion. Good luck with the sale. It's a great piece.
As a Washingtonian, I approve of this message.
In bed fail? From henceforth, all gifs involving beds shall be used in conjunction with embed fails. So let it be written, so it let it be memed.
Another great transaction with slide13. Item was promptly shipped and accurately described.
Yeah, I think that's how he's supposed to look in WWII. It'd be pretty Batman-y if it was the modern-day Cap though.
Quote: Originally Posted by embowafa Maybe you need to watch it a little more, but you might change your tune to "punk-assed" sergeant. The casting will ultimately make sense. Unless you just can't help but think "Fuck..that's ROSS GELLAR" +1 The Schwimmer Factor will make more sense after Currahee and their final training in England. Just wait until you get to Hanks' kid though.
Quote: Originally Posted by 57JoeFoMoPar Rangers have an utterly dominating win against the Oil yesterday. I'll throw it out there, Avery's KO on Smid, dirty or not? I'd love to hear some thoughts. Yeah, having only seen the highlight reel (which wasn't all that great) I could only go by what the commentators said: that Avery gooned him when he dropped his guard. If he did say, "no, next shift" and then waited for Smid to drop his guard...
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