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That's what I was afraid of. Anyone else have any other input. I know La Taverna has good hummus so if you're going to provide smarmy food advice, don't use that one.
Hey guys, I've been living in the suburbs of west Chicago now for the past 10 years but grew up in NoVA. I'm going to be visiting family there for Fourth of July weekend and my aunt has generously offered to take me on a shopping spree. However, I have no idea where to go. With Farinelli's now closed, where should I go? Looking specifically for EG, BoO, WWM, W+H, Our Legacy type stuff, if that offers a brief overview of the pieces I'd be looking for. So far...
PM sent.
Dibs on the Whipcords. PM sent.
Missed it by half an hour. =( Let me know if the shorts don't work out for you Michael. Great find.
Hey guys, First time seller here but already have several buying transactions. Hoping to get more involved as I build up my wardrobe a bit more. Anyway, I've got a few items for sale. One that won't fit due to 20 lbs of weight loss and another that two would fit if I lost another 20. =) Items will be shipped to CONUS and Canada only. Payment is through Paypal only (gifted or 5% added to goods & services). PM for Paypal info. First up: PRPS Barracuda P47P29X...
Shoulder to sleeve hem measurement for the guy with the long gorilla arms?
Heh. Let me know if you want to sell the XXL when you get it. Finding BoO in XXL is like panning for gold in the Chicago River. And I hate that BoO thinks a size 44 is an XXL. At 6'1 210 lbs I've got a large frame and I'm in great shape but they still want to make me feel like I'm a KFC-eating fat ass. Their pieces are quality but sometimes I can't help but imagine that a bunch smaller framed guys with Napoleonic complexes are laughing maniacally while working...
Quote: Originally Posted by Raoul Duke Short inseam = :*( Second on that. My eyes lit up when I saw the waist size then fell when I saw the inseam. New-ish pairs too. Good luck with the sale. Big shorties will win out on this one.
FTW "Brakes are decadent Western luxuries."
New Posts  All Forums: