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For those wanting a non-cerebral, popcorn-type movie, I watched this out of boredom last night and was pleasantly surprised by its quirkiness. It's a Dean Koontz adaptation (apparently there's about 7 books on this character already), but it kind of reminded me of that Peter Jackson movie, The Frighteners, though with a little more levity to it. I don't normally go in for Yelchin's boy-man acting skills, but it seemed to fit a movie of this caliber.
I don't mind most of the additions/alterations for this season, but removing the Spin-O-Rama move during a shootout seems kinda stupid, especially if they're looking to make rule changes that will create more goal-scoring chances. Other than that, a lot of them don't bother me.
...and here comes Pendleton with a heritage collection. Only took them 4 years to catch on. Too bad for them the work wear crowd of 2009 has moved on.
How much are the Lindrick boots you are going to be selling? ::insert Jedi mind trick here::
I actually use them here in Chicago for my suits and shirts and love them (and yes, they are definitely MTM). I'm guessing that price you saw is for a half-canvas, though they do offer a full-canvas, handmade suit, which I have always done through them. The Sebastien Grey guy I work with in the Chicago Loop shop said that they do use tailors in NYC for their suits, but their price starts somewhere around $2500 (and that's just for a basic, no-name mill fabric). For that...
I'll one up you, Rambo.I think I've still got unabridged audiobooks of this trilogy pulled from cassette to mp3. I don't think they ever made a CD version of the unabridged versions, which is unfortunate, because who wants to listen to an abridged recording of anything?.Anyway, listening to those babies made 12 hour monotonous car rides go by like that.
JR...over 10 years ago we witnessed some of the most horrific things ever to be seen on the big screen. I think I could forgive them for recasting our beloved characters if they just give us an engaging story with a decent script (even half-decent would be better than anything we heard delivered in I,II, & III; Liam Neeson could only polish a turd so much). My only caveat would be finding unknown actors to fill the roles. That's just where I'm at. I mean, it really can't...
My vote goes to the Timothy Zahn trilogy for VII, VIII, and IX. Those three books captured the essence of the episodes IV, V, and VI like no other Star Wars book has. EDIT: Rambo beat me to it.
http://www.orvis.com/store/product.aspx?pf_id=4r0r Was going to suggest these, but they're out. I managed to grab a sample pair of them, but the reviews are right, they are very wide-legged. Definitely going to have to get them slimmed up in the leg and reduce the fork on them, as the crotch drop was pretty severe. Nice trousers though. Only other suggestion would be RRL or just having them custom made.
A couple quick questions and sorry for the photos, I had some random stranger take them for me with my phone. One, does anyone have any idea what's going on here with the folds in the crotch? And two, what should I be telling my tailor to look for when cleaning up the back. I'm going to be dropping them off later this week, so thought I'd get some feedback first. Could the seat be taken in, along with the fork (and is that what's causing the weird folds of fabric...
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