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Lois Lerner Tries to Force Her Way into Neighbor's House to Flee Interview "I DON'T WANT HER IN MY HOUSE!" Even her neighbors can't stand her. I love it.
A very good possibility, admittedly. Though they'll have to get past the Ducks. The Kings pissed a lot of teams off last season. I know you won't like hearing it as a Rangers fan, but I thought the Hawks/Kings series was way more exciting than the Cup. Rangers just didn't have the depth last year to hang. Additions like Duclair will hopefully help in that department.
On the Blackhawks front, we're taking the Cup back this year. That is all.
It unsettles me to read the contents of this thread and then to wonder just how close and how often Old Joe has been to "the football".
Any Myst fans here? Yeah, I said Myst. Come at me. http://www.pcworld.com/article/2690711/exclusive-preview-this-is-obduction-cyans-spiritual-successor-to-myst.html
Agreed. Been following the development of this one and am excited to play it.
Okra Mistaken for Pot in Man's Garden Apparently all they need now is to fly over your property in helicopters and if any plant looks like weed, they're going to come fully strapped to your front door. For everyone's safety, of course.
Looks like Waldo's days of fleecing drivers through highway robbery are over...for now. Florida Town Infamous for Speed Traps Disbanding Police Force Now, if only dickholes like these cops in Iowa could be stopped.... Iowa Troopers Steal $100,000 in Poker Wnnings from Two Players Driving Through the State
Let's not forget his pathetic attempt to try and break up al-Qaeda into these tiny little factions (of which the fictitious Khorasan is one) so the problem doesn't look so bad. Reminds me of the way my three year old will try and take that last bite of food he needs to eat on his plate and spread it around so it looks like nothing's there.Andrew McCarthy, who writes for National Review (blech, not my political cup of tea, but he makes a good point) put it this way:
I agree too, but that's the job of the parents to do at the range on the weekend. When you're popping off simulators in school halls, in my mind that's creating a culture of fear.
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