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I agree with all those sentiments. The Caps will go further next year, thanks in part to the stellar work of Trotz at the helm; I think LA will continue to sputter next season. If the Hawks can shore up our flagging defense and get veterans like Richards to hang around for less money, Chicago will be in the Finals again. Sharp won't be missed that much, though I'm not sure acquiring Okposo for him is the right answer for the Hawks (Sharp would help the Isles out though)....
Well, I had a few teams picked correctly for the West and gomestar called it when he said Tampa looked good in the East. Still a lot of surprise matchups in this playoffs. Should be a good final, but I gotta go with my Hawks for the win.
Made me think of this:
But this is precisely what Lomasky is. He's a contractarian in the same vein as John Rawls; of course he's going to say these things. Nearly every an-cap libertarian, who believe in voluntarism, is going to have huge problems with what Lomasky is saying.An an-cap is going to quote someone like Hoppe or Spooner who argued that a social contract cannot be used to justify government taxation, because government will initiate force against anyone who does not wish to enter...
Said the guy taking a page from the libtard playbook and closing off any means of debate....Seriously Piob, give me a real rebuttal on why you think taxation isn't theft.
This will obviously depend on injuries come playoff time, but I'll go out on a limb and say Ducks vs. Hawks for the West and Hawks vs. Bruins for the Cup.
I'd at least encourage you to read Frédéric Bastiat, Ludwig Von Mises and/or Murray Rothbard before dismissing them as fucking idiots.And how is monitoring a person's wealth and then showing up at their residence to seize their possessions at gun point grasping at straws in drawing a comparison to stalking? They both involve surveillance and aggression.
For a lot of people you just described what the IRS does.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taxation_as_theft
While I agree with your sentiments, I think they're just too utopian for our times (and that's coming from a libertarian who tries to adhere to the non-aggression principle). Besides, I think this woman was guilty of crossing the very line you're longing to see the moment she intentionally abused her office to target people's private lives. It seems only fitting that if she's going to escape punishment that she has to deal with guys like this the rest of her life.
You have way more compassion than I do then, Piob. This woman is currently receiving a $100,000/yr pension at our expense to hide her illegal actions. She spent years at the IRS crawling through other people's financial knickers, I have no problem with other people trying to get into her business.
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