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This will obviously depend on injuries come playoff time, but I'll go out on a limb and say Ducks vs. Hawks for the West and Hawks vs. Bruins for the Cup.
A very good possibility, admittedly. Though they'll have to get past the Ducks. The Kings pissed a lot of teams off last season. I know you won't like hearing it as a Rangers fan, but I thought the Hawks/Kings series was way more exciting than the Cup. Rangers just didn't have the depth last year to hang. Additions like Duclair will hopefully help in that department.
On the Blackhawks front, we're taking the Cup back this year. That is all.
Any Myst fans here? Yeah, I said Myst. Come at me. http://www.pcworld.com/article/2690711/exclusive-preview-this-is-obduction-cyans-spiritual-successor-to-myst.html
Agreed. Been following the development of this one and am excited to play it.
Not sure how it works for visiting team fans. It's a gamble, but I know that historically, WC tickets have dropped steeply in price the week before the game, as nervous holders who haven't sold them by then (due to holiday schedule madness) are desperate to unload them, so you might luck out and get them for below $300, which is actually cheaper than most STH's had to pay for theirs. Having been to the WC at Wrigley using this method, I'll say that it was fun and novel,...
Can't be any worse than what the Bears' secondary looks like right now. Totally decimated after game 3.
Not related to the current season, but still awesome:
For those wanting a non-cerebral, popcorn-type movie, I watched this out of boredom last night and was pleasantly surprised by its quirkiness. It's a Dean Koontz adaptation (apparently there's about 7 books on this character already), but it kind of reminded me of that Peter Jackson movie, The Frighteners, though with a little more levity to it. I don't normally go in for Yelchin's boy-man acting skills, but it seemed to fit a movie of this caliber.
I don't mind most of the additions/alterations for this season, but removing the Spin-O-Rama move during a shootout seems kinda stupid, especially if they're looking to make rule changes that will create more goal-scoring chances. Other than that, a lot of them don't bother me.
New Posts  All Forums: