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$24 payment sent from Waqas Ahmad 2x-16 2x-21 2x-24 2x27 2x-23 20 pairs total
Quote: Originally Posted by jet what makes you say that? just checked on their site and i remember they used to be $165 not too long ago..
did APC recently increase their jean prices from $165 to $175??
Was wondering are all sebagos waterproof? Interested in the lighthouse boots for rainy days and I wanna know will the leather be affected of wet or these are ok for rain?
where can i find a good cobbler in NY for this?
check PM
should i buy this? $50 http://www.gap.com/browse/product.do...scid=750133002
any coupon codes?
i think im going to go back and try the 10D on again and 10E and than decide
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